Must Watch – Michele Maiolani / Straight Ahead

Oh, its a good day when Michele Maiolani drops his first edit four years. I had messaged Michele a while back and just asked, are you still riding? I heard nothing back and assumed he had quite riding. Today I was really happy to wake up to a message from Michele letting me know about his new edit “Straight Ahead”. This man possesses rolling god skills that give me flash backs of Chase Gouin, Denes Katona, Alexis Desolneux and so on.

Let’s discuss this one in the comments section, that ender tho! Mad respect Michele, thank you for blessing us with your skills.

24 thoughts on “Must Watch – Michele Maiolani / Straight Ahead

  1. As a rider whose struggled with the rolling aspects of bmx flatland , took me YEARS just to dial crack packers , hahahaha , just REGULAR ones , not spinning / turbines . Been messing with them since the 12 th grade ……..Im 45 now , hahahaha ..soooooo watching Michele just cruuuuuuuise through his multiple rolling variations / concepts ,and man does he have some that are straight up HAMMERS , Im SO ammmmped on his riding !! Crazy……I just watched his edit from 2015 the other week . This dude is too skilled on a bike ….My favorite from him is his nose manual , standing on the pedals around / under his bottom bracket . Cant imagine that balance point for that !!! This edit really makes my morning , Thanks Michele and Big E for making this go down !! Also I think if Michele SLAAAAAAMMMMED his video tricks in the Pro class @ ANY comp ……Hed PODIUM for sure !! His run at the Cologne bmx Masters in I think 2016, in expert is to me STILL one of the dopest comp runs done ! Salud Michele !!! Stoked youre STILL riding / ripping on the bike , campeon !!

  2. Damn ……TOO much difficulty , EVERY single x-leg , regular / opposite whiplash ….. backwards / forward nose manual…… handed , switch pedal , etc ,etc !! Im gonna say it …………possible edit of 2019 nomination !!! ALL hammers , HARD -HIGH LEVEL stuff / ZERO filler and trust me I KNOW filler………I use loads of funky chickens , pinky squeaks in my combos , hahahaha . Cant help it…….Im whack , hahaha. You rule Michele …..RE- WATCH !!!!

  3. Most definitely a TOP 3 contender for the F.M. edit of 2019 , to me anyway . Difficulty on such a high level , STYLISH , as in making these super hard , back to back lines……..look effortless , annnnnnnnd Michele has his own take / flavor within the variations of these links !!

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