Must Watch – Scott Powell Decade Anthology / Opposite triple decade

Triple Opposite Decade from scott powell on Vimeo.

Scott Powell’s decade anthology has most certainly got people talking both publicly and privately. Today, day 2 and Scott shows off a fire hydrant to triple decade, regular triples are still a big deal?! Well, this is opposite, that is crazy hard! Respect due!

8 thoughts on “Must Watch – Scott Powell Decade Anthology / Opposite triple decade

    • How do people feel about Scott releasing the clips individually, I thought about doing this, but slightly differently. It does make you focus on the individual links more than a long edit where tricks are lost? Thoughts?

        • good point jay! it is an interesting point to me, as to when is an edit too long, I have in the past seen it a lot where tricks are overlooked when the edit is longer. It is however nice to have the clips compiled together in one place, mixing the two is the challenge for sure, that happy medium.

  1. You know, I think the slow, smooth triple makes it even more rad! I mean opposite is harder and all but this is just great.

    I agree releasing them in parts does lend to more focus on the tricks. I would also like to see the whole series released in one video afterwards.

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