Must Watch! Scott Powell – HD test edit

HD test edit-1080 from scott powell on Vimeo.

Scott always brings some different set ups to his edits, and this HD test edit is no different. The pedalling elbow glide to multiple pedalling whiplashes at 00:29 is awesome and no doubt very difficult! Not to mention the pedalling multiple fire hydrant line at 1:12, this edit is a fun watch! Don’t miss this one! Chenga represent!

15 thoughts on “Must Watch! Scott Powell – HD test edit

  1. It would be awesome if Scott rolled up to a comp with that setup and busted out. The Internet would blow up.

    Awesome edit/tricks too, Scott kills it!

  2. They are matching MTF customs. and yes it would be crazy if he rolled up on the pedaller to a comp.. He has way more tricks on that thing than he has shown… Plus he can do a bunch of his regular brakeless decade stuff with it too. Big Dog Bustin OUT!

  3. Scott is a highly skilled rider, but the pedaller sucks in my opinion. Not sure what the whole multi-bike thing is about. Like, if it’s to try and impress everyone, prove something or just see what’s possible. Either way, Scott is undisputably amazing on a bike.

  4. if anyone can like both scott and sean ,i’m the one
    butt head was right one the form,but scott rules it on the riding
    i’ m drunk
    and not english fluente
    Decade up side down rules

  5. Paul, too bad you are half a world away from Chenga. A visit for a couple days would answer all your questions yet raise a bunch more. Find the way of the pedaller or perhaps challenge the Trick Tree?

  6. The pedaler is crazy-hard. The things I’ve seen him do on it defy reason. I’m always left wondering “how freaking long did it take to dial that in?”

    It’s like that instinct to squeaker a dolly or shopping cart. A whole other level of wheel control.

  7. The pedaler is hilarious. I dont really know how anyone could take it seriously, other than Scott himself in the tweaky ocd way that we obsess about doing things the way we want them.

    It looks like he had a TON of fun making this, and in the end thats all that really matters right?

    Keep on rippin scott. Pumped on the everything.

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