10 thoughts on “Must Watch – Shintaro Misawa – just a scuff #2

    • So much control from Shintaro! Love the Halfhiker turbine body varial one kick to halfpacker at 00:15! And the Steam step thru backwards xft karl pivot steam at 00:43 is jaw droppingly good, seems like he is floating on moves like the halfhiker 3 flip one kick pedal circle k to karl spinning circle k! So much to take in, amazing edit!

  1. During the Worlds 2010 in Cologne, speaker CatFish introduced Shintaro Misawa’s last run with good and so right words, some of them were : “Let’s watch the magic”.
    That still works for me each time I see a video of the man, that’s still amazing to enjoy the tricks and style of Shintaro with these videos. MAD RESPECT TO SHINTARO!!!

  2. This guy has more creativity in one edit than I’ve had in my entire riding career. Much respect to Shintaro. He’s taken it to the next level: floatland.

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