Must Watch! Stephan Cerra – Come Flow with Me!

Come Flow With Me from stephen cerra on Vimeo.

Stephan Cerra goes hard in this new Come Flow with Me edit at his home riding spot! What i’m especially stoked on here are the variety of different techniques he’s using. Make sure you watch this and you’ll see what i’m saying!

22 thoughts on “Must Watch! Stephan Cerra – Come Flow with Me!

  1. Such great riding! Totally Agree with Badman, Stephan is doing his own thing. Really liked how he had the seat at the same height as he normally runs it when he was doing the insane standing on the seat turbines, that has to make that so difficult. Weird timing, I just watched his previous edit last night. This one made my day!

  2. It was a treat to see his powerful riding in person last month in Philadelphia, but his riding definitely shines way brighter when at his home spot.

    This edit is just incredible, and like E pointed out, so much variety!

  3. Yeah Stephen! So motivating to see you still progressing and pushing limits.. So excited to session your secret spot in 2 weeks! Props! So jealous of the seat stand g-turns…..

  4. Insane edit. It’s a shame so many “pros” think you need to remove brakes to ride at a high level. Cerra shows that’s bullshit.

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