Must Watch! The adventures of James White on the wheels of steel

The adventures of James White on the wheels of steel from James White on Vimeo.

We briefly discussed this edit during the Level Vibes weekend, and I knew something great was coming out of James. And like everything James does, it definitely delivers! Cutting edge flatland at it’s best right here, i’m already on my third watch and i’m noticing new things on each viewing. The Stationary full body varial at 00:19 had hitting the rewind on the first view, just beautiful! Not to mention James revisiting the bikeflip bunny hop and landing it way cleaner at 00:23, and the ender at 1:03 is incredible! The godfather deserves all the plaudits I am sure he will get, a masterpiece in bike control and creativity. Hitting the rewind!

34 thoughts on “Must Watch! The adventures of James White on the wheels of steel

  1. amazing stuff from the old man. ha. top notch skills James. i notice with this and martti’s contest tricks that short but sweet tricks making a comeback.

  2. Amazing edit. Incredible what James is still creating. Does this and level vibes warrant a FM interview? Would love to know his thinking behind some of these tricks. Undertaker-overtaker and the smith decade lines were also brilliant!

  3. Insane edit… best type of brakeless riding is when it looks like brakes are in use, and it straight up looked like there was some hidden back brake stuff going on here. Straight killed it!

  4. But I thought JW was taking over my social media feed last weekend? Almost defining a new aesthetic with that bike flip trick. It has a nice sort of skateboardy flip sort of feel. Super!

  5. O MY GOSH …………This was the FIRST thing I saw at 6.45 a.m. yesterday , was off from work so I watched this multiple times , that STATIONARY full body varial ??!!! Put it to you like this , I was seshing my garage and ALL I could think about was that HAMMER , the bike flip/undertaker, the whole edit while I was riding , like the whole time id be riding this edit was replaying over and over and over in my head, like mid combo ,trick ,the ENTIRE session , I was like kinda blacking out !!! Man dude BIG E was DEAD ON , CUTTING EDGE FLATLAND !!! Gonna be TOP contender for EDIT OF THE YEAR , Ive rewound that bike flip/undertaker 13 times ……………still DONT GET IT FULLY !!! YUP , Cicman was right so good it HURTS , Ultraman Zoffy too, LOOKS like he riding INVISIBLE back brakes !!!!!!!! THANK YOU Mr. White !!!!!!!!

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