Must Watch! The Bridge Jam Vienna – 2012

Couple of things stood out for me here, Benjamin Grossjohann turbine junkyard stubble duck to rear wheel backpacker turbine combo, Sebastian Grubinger’s creative whiplash combos, and Markus Redlberger’s use of front brake on the nosemanual gturn to nose manual, so hard! And as always it seems Tom at Sevisual kills it with the edit! Go watch this!

10 thoughts on “Must Watch! The Bridge Jam Vienna – 2012

  1. Props to Markus on that Gturn double turbine….everyone who rides front wheel knows how hard that is. Frank lukas is the first person I’ve seen do it without brakes, and I saw a unknown asian rider do it in a edit a year back or so.

    That will always be one of those weird ultra amazing balance tricks.

  2. You are totally right Effraim. Benjamin Grossjohann’s turbine junkyard is amazing. I love the crossfoot switch. Thanks for posting!

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