Must Watch! Waldemar Fatkin – RAZZIA Part ONE

This guy defines style for me. You watch Waldemar ride and you want to go riding! Not only that, but his editing skills are bang on point too! I always hate just bringing one standout because there are so many in this one, but the whiplash nose manual g turn half cab to steam combo at 2:04!!! Style for miles!!! Go watch this right now!

9 thoughts on “Must Watch! Waldemar Fatkin – RAZZIA Part ONE

  1. Im so pumped on waldemar’s style. There is nothing more fun than hauling ass in a nose manual and dropping the bomb over and over. This was the most intense edit I’ve watched in a lonnnnnng time. The energy is CRAZY smooth!

    Sometimes people hyper pump and it takes away from style, but he bangs it out like a hammer! HUGE tricks!

    Oh, and mad love, dope intro! Truth!!!

  2. Mind blowing! Like Effraim says , you watch and you want ride! DAMMM what i hate is that still 5 hours off work left for me!!

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