37 thoughts on “Must Watch!!! Yohei Uchino – D.I.Y Edit #01

  1. Yohei is crazy ….
    Mr. Archon, in my opinion the KickFlip 360 of Halfpacker going backwards – Simon O’Brien ….. I think it’s the best ….My opinion…

  2. I didn’t read E’s description until after watching the vid, so I was surprised to see the ice cream on the pedals already, but never expected the bike flip to the pedals ride out either.. Shocking, just insanity!

  3. Man! I’m pissed that my bike is at the bike shop and it’s closed!!! I want to ride now!

    I’ve been waiting for this trick for a really long time.

    We all know that Ucchie hates to finish his combos. How long before we see it to manual E? What do you reckon?

  4. He makes manuals and pedals skip to Lard Yard …..
    So he can do this manual and jump for Caboose ……
    A great idea … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Loss for words awesome to see a superpro take risks on a bang trick. It’s just something you don’t see often. Huge respect to ucchie for taking big risks for this one. So many ways to get hurt on his trick.

  6. I was half expecting to see him try upside down tail whip out of that when I saw he was crouching down working up to something… But the half barrel roll bikeflip out was even better!!

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