New S&M Intrikat for 2018!

There have been plenty of rumours going around that S&M are no longer making the popular Chad Johnston designed Intrikat frame. I was stoked yesterday to see Chad post on his instagram a new frame in production that will squash the rumours. From the look of the photo the new version will have a slightly lower stand over. Available in black and raw clear, no word on sizes, but should be available soon no doubt.

13 thoughts on “New S&M Intrikat for 2018!

  1. i had a custom intrikat made 4 months ago, 18.5″ TT with a 7″ standover,
    and it’s the best flatland frame i’ve ever ridden up to this point. Make American Bikes Again!

  2. I’ve got a black Intrikat frame in 19″ TT (I reckon, should check to make sure) up for sale in Belgium, Europe. If anyone’s interested hit me up! alexis dot bracke at gmail dot com

  3. S&M tubing is best so will b interesting to see wot they have in mind for the update, pretty sure it will be more than just a lower stand over, I would put my money on them keeping the w8 at the the centre n low too

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