Old School Sundays with Bill Neumann

This weeks OSS is dedicated to one of the smoothest riders ever, Bill Neumann. Hard to believe last Sunday I was actually riding with the man, today we have his tie breaker run from a contest in Columbus, Ohio in July 1988. In related news, next week I have a catching up interview with Bill dropping on the site so stay tuned for that.

2 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Bill Neumann

  1. It’s always a delight to see footage (new or old) of this guy. Bill was a huge influence on my riding for years & years and I’m grateful for all the sessions we had together. It’s also so great to see him back at it after all this time…it’s like he never left; the smooth, controlled style, the effortless consistancy and confidence that come through in his riding is most impressive.
    Chapeau, Bill…

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