Quentin Pelorson – How to Time Machine (with variations)

Quentin Pelorson sent in this great story to go this how-to time machine edit, read on:

“I start a new playlist videos to list tricks and help young riders to learn flatland.
There are 2 kids in my city that started BMX Flatland one year ago, and after learning steam roller, hang five, cyclone and megaspin they blocked and didn’t know what to do next. One of them felt in love with the Time Machine trick, every weekend he asks me to show him how to do.

I discovered that he knew only one way to go on the pedal, and when I show him some others he manages to do the trick. I did this video to show him different way to do time machine, and this video helped him, so i think it could be a good thing to share it.
The goal is to show to advanced beginners several variations of a trick, may be it will give them some ideas.
I plan to do the same with the common tricks like hang five, halfpacker…
It may interest you for your website.
Anyway, the others video will be add to this playlist.”

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