RAISE THE BAR – A True Story of Motivation

Every so often I post something thats not flatland but the relation and the message is there for all to take on board. Alberto Moya sent in this amazing documentary that the flatland world needs to see and draw inspiration from. Here’s a short description of the project:

“SamyRoad brings you “Raise the Bar”, a documentary about the BMX Flatlander Juanje Trujillo, directed by Alberto Moya.

Juanje Trujillo’s inspirational story about living with a disability and refusing to let it be an obstacle when it comes to achieving your dream.

Alberto Moya, one of Spain’s most important representatives in the world of BMX and ranked 10th at the World Circuit in 2014, combines his sport with another passion: cinema. This time he has travelled to Málaga to pay tribute to Juanje Trujillo.”

7 thoughts on “RAISE THE BAR – A True Story of Motivation

  1. THIS IS SO MOVING to me , thanks ALBERTO MOYA and BIG E for this documentary and for sharing this story ! JUANJE , YOU RIP !!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION !!!!!!! GONNA SHARE THIS on my facebook………………………………………….NOW !

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