16 thoughts on “Renaud Laspeyres – Flatland 2017

  1. Style is so clean! Glad to also see someone not afraid to incorporate scuffs and kicks in their riding; didn’t take away his style in the slightest. Didn’t catch the back brake at first, but I’m getting the itch to throw one on again after seeing this.

  2. I did not expect that. First and last combo, explosive. Overtakers, kick flips, this kid is on fire. I quit! lol

  3. Thank you very much to all of you and to Effraim for sharing it!

    I send back here the motivation that I get from Flatmatters’ videos!

    Have fun and ride on 🙂

  4. never get bored to watch his riding and to hang out with him on and (mostly) off the spot.
    And actually Renaud is killing it for years!!

    • Haha, thanx r!!
      sounds like a declaration of love 🙂 we’ll not hang out the same way from now on 🙂
      thanx poto!!

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