Repo: Battle in the Rockies 2017 Day 2

Day 2 was our first full day in Monument, Colorado. After after our late session on Monday night, I was hoping to get at least six hours sleep, but it wasn’t meant to be.
After a rough first nights sleep, James washed the flatland area and then took the kids to school and run a few errands. We stocked up on groceries at a nearby store and headed back to grab some lunch, before we rode the slab spot at Jame’s new house.

Talk about living the dream, as I am typing this repo over breakfast I can look out and see the flatland area. Just unreal, the spot is a little dusty, so we shall be washing again today before the session. I am still pinching myself, it’s November and you can ride outside in a t-shirt. It’s been a great start to the trip so far.

We rode James’ riding spot from 2pm till dark, James and Mates were going off almost right off the bat. I am just coming back from injury from a road bike crash, and struggled a bit on the floor, worn out shoes and slippery pegs it’s a good combo. Nevertheless I was happy to get my 6th session back on my bike and hit a pressure flip, and a few other fire hydrant flow lines. Tuesday was all about James and Mates, if you don’t already know Mates has a huge triktionary, and probably the best way I can describe is he mixes the flatland genres from 2000 till modern day. With a huge variety of techniques thrown in, 360/180 bar flips, back wheel body varials, uses both sides of the bike and of course original tricks thrown in to boot.

James was dialling in his combos ready for the weekend, and also interestingly enough was throwing down different exits each time. “That’s just how I ride E. Everytime I ride I try to do something new, doesn’t matter what it is. It may be something small, an extra turbine. But it keeps me going”.

Mates was combo’ing for days, each combo it seemed would last forever. Myself and James were just laughing at how long and insane each combo was, I am interested to see how Mates does in the BITR contest this weekend.

Mates was also working on some crazy new tricks, the x-ft halfpacker for example pictured above. He was trying that into x-ft five reach the opposite side of the bar jump over the frame to xft steam the other side of the bike. He got close, perhaps it will happen today. Absolutely bonkers, scary switch!

The plan was to go riding after dinner at the Tintadome, but jet lag was catching the better of myself and Mates and even James believe it or not was pretty worn out. I don’t think I have ever seen James admit to be tired and chill. If you know James there is never a chill moment. As it was a chilled night, we hung out watched a few videos and I interviewed James for an up and coming “catching up” episode that will hopefully be online tomorrow.

Bill Nitschke and Todd Carter arrive today, so stay tuned for further updates. I hope you all enjoy my breakdown from the event. About to go wash the floor ready for today’s session.

7 thoughts on “Repo: Battle in the Rockies 2017 Day 2

  1. LOVING these DAILY updates !! WISH SO F-KN bad I was THERE NOW !!! NEXT year HOPFULLY BIG E !!! Gonna go and SCOUR Facebook NOW to see if you posted ANY of Mates INSANE / HIGH-LEVEL-DIFFICULT looooooong combos AND James FREESTYLED combos AND YOUR PRESSURE flip-fire flow lines !!!!!! CHEERS BIG E , Ill be tuned in DAILY !!!!

  2. Thank you Rodney, I was talking to James and so wish you were here!! It’s been an amazing trip here so far, just about to get these updates fired up on the site and then out to ride again on the slab.

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