Scene Report – Dallas, Texas

Text/Photos: Jeremy Jones.

The one and only, Ross Smith!

It’s December 2nd, it’s 81 degrees outside, and there’s a parking garage that spans for miles. Welcome to Dallas, Texas! The Dallas riders have recently started getting together on Sunday’s at their new garage (no security hassles on the weekends). There are over fourteen guys who ride flatland in Dallas and the scene is growing. A few of the riders are seen here in these pictures: Brian Hiltz, Jason Smith, Duane Duckworth, Clint Evans, Ben Stembridge, Jayson Hatcher, and Ross Smith. Other riders include George Teneyek, Will Redd, Clinton Majors, Rio Pena, Jeremy Jones, Andy Powell, and the 2012 Texas Toast Veteran Class Winner: Nikola Olic! If you are living in or traveling through Dallas, come out and ride! Contact:

Brian Hiltz.

Jayson Hatcher

Ben Stembridge

Jason Smith

Clint Evans

Duane Duckworth

18 thoughts on “Scene Report – Dallas, Texas

    • That garage looks HUGGEEEE!!! How big is it? Thanks to Jeremy for stepping up with this scene report! Likewise if you want your scene up on flatmatters, send me an email/text and photos and I will post it up. Great to see this!

  1. Effraim, I don’t know the exact dimensions, but it feels like it goes on forever! It is the biggest garage that I have ever seen in my life. There is enough room for probably 1000 or more riders in there. No joke!

  2. Effraim, it is in the middle of the headquarters for several big corporations. This garage is primarily for the Erickson Corporation I believe. It is really nice because no one will bother us on the weekends. I live just north in the Plano/Frisco area. I have tried a million garages near my house but have gotten kicked out of them all because the area is pretty uptight even during non business days and hours. This new garage is just south of me in Richardson. It is a little more relaxed (no security on the weekends) so we are all pretty happy with it. I haven’t truly explored the whole garage yet. It might take a while!

  3. Jim, it is always fun to see Brian ride. He just bought a new frame and is killing it with his high speed spinning! He also has a really crazy death truck ride in that I would love to learn if I could ever get brave enough to try it!!!

  4. I will try and get some footage soon. I need to get an external hard drive for my computer first (I’m out of disk space)!

  5. Jeremy, I have 2 external hard drives that I’m not using. Just let me know and I’ll bring them or meet you somewhere.

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