Southsea Skatepark Fundraiser 2 last night

pics by ec. one hell of a surridge 360 /classic southsea bowls.

Deep in the P05, the Durty Block party crew put on the 2nd annual Southsea Skatepark fundraiser at the Havana bar. With the help of the crew and the local skateboard scene the Skatepark has been saved for now, pressures still continue. 

Portsmouth City Council are working with the Skatepark users group to keep the park open, a 2.5 million “myplace” government bid for funding has been applied for, February 2009 is the crunch date.
The group are seeking to find other ways of keeping the park open and generating new interest in the legendary skatepark, one of the most requested things we get asked for, is a beginners mini ramp.
So the Durty Block party crew set this night up purely to raise money for this new beginners mini ramp that will cost five grand.

The previous year the group raised over a thousand pounds, and last nights takings estimated to be about £1.500 will go towards the new ramp.
As always when everyone gets together, it was a messy one, hip hop, drum n bass, funk tunes all night, old school and new school heads getting down on the dancefloor, games of poker to raise money, it was all going on, old school videos documenting the park all night long, good times, thanks to the Dirty Block party crew for raising awareness once more and keeping the park fresh in peoples minds.
Long may nights like this continue. Much respect to the Dirty Block party crew for their hard work.

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