SXM Bikelife featuring Jean William Prevost


Dub was recently on the beautiful island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean, here’s the man himself had to say:

“Some of you might remember BAd-Bush from the Trevlon Hall Monster Exams, he was there stuntin’ in his own way at the flatland competition, to my buddy Jesse he really stood out and they became good friends instantly. Bad-Bush also known as Parotte then came over to Montreal last summer to enjoy Montreal’s best time of the year and take part in Real City Spin. We finally ended up coming full circle by heading over to the island of Saint-Martin to introduce the sport of Flatland to an extremely active youth. Kids were poppin’ wheelies everywhere we went, one handed wheelies, no handed wheelies and other crazy stuff on their MX’s and Scooter’s . Check out this edit to fill your head with beautiful scenery and an urge to leave home and explore the World!!!”

2 thoughts on “SXM Bikelife featuring Jean William Prevost

  1. Such a great trip, definitely recommended and if street performance is your thing, like 5 cruise ships stop on the dutch side everyday , so mad potential for great island living!

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