The 2019 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners Announced!

It’s about that time where I announce the winners for the 2019 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards, both in editorial and reader categories!!!

The awards are now in their sixth year, and this year was noticeable to see the efforts of many of you to get in the mix for edit of year as the deadline drew closer. That in itself felt like a win win situation for us all….

This really is a chance for me to give something more back to the flatland community, and not just award one rider with an award. Nice in my opinion to have a mix that recognise the talent within our community, without a further a due lets get right into it!

BIG congratulations to all the winners (I will be in touch!), and also everyone who got nominated. Huge honour in my opinion to get nominated from your riding peers. Thanks again to everyone in the flatland community who took the time to vote, great to see such a healthy participation for 2019!

Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline, 11 years strong.

Editorial Vote:

Rider of the Year

Dominik Nekolny.
Runner up: Matthias Dandois.

Edit of the Year:

Dane Beardsley / that and this 2019.
Runner up: Matthias Dandois / Hawaii.

Most Progressive Rider:

Kio Hayakawa.
Runner up: Ryo Katagiri.

Outstanding Contribution:

Alex Jumelin ( Developing the Fise Flat Academy).
Runner up: Nick Watts (His amazing videos throughout the year!).

Line of The Year:

Dane Beardsley: This and that 2019. 2:03.
Dump truck jump round to backwards rolling ice cream, to rope then into backwards straddle come out opposite side g-roll to ice cream back regular rope back to straddle back opposite g-roll to ice cream jump to peg wheelie bar flip out!

Runner up: Matthias Dandois: Hawaii. 2:03.
Whips into opposite spinning fork wheelie, and casually bar scoots into backwards spinning one footed halfpacker on his opposite side with one foot under the chainring/BB into left sided halfpacker.


Readers Vote.

Rider of the Year:

Dominik Nekolny.
Runner up: Kio Hayakawa.

Edit of the Year:

Matthias Dandois / Hawaii.
Runner up: Pedro Melo / Nice Nice very nice!

Most Progressive Rider:

Kio Hayakawa.
Runner up: Matthieu Bonnecuelle.

Contest Run of Year:

Ryo Katagiri – Fise Hiroshima Round 1..
Runner up: Dominik Nekolny UCI World Championship Final.

Breakthrough Rider:

Kio Hayakawa.
Runner up: Matthieu Bonnecuelle.

6 thoughts on “The 2019 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners Announced!

  1. SALUD , to ALL ! It was a VERY slllaaammmmmmed , and progressive year for the art form . ALL nominees contributed to the constant leveling UP of flatland , for 2019 . Thanks , Big -E ! I was anticipating these awards………..since July , haha………FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM !!

  2. Cant even imagine , just WHAT the KATAGIRI brothers , Viki , Ping , Boom , Nick Watts , MAOILANI , etc , etc……..hell , bruv…….what EVERYONE ,is gonna bring to the table for 2020 !!!! SO many countless GREAT riders , these days……………

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