Throwback Thursdays – Flat Web TV Circle Of Balance Post Game Show

This week I’ve been randomly checking through old Flat Web Tv episodes, when I got to the 2012 Red Bull Circle of Balance Post Game Show I knew my TBT was dialled for this week! The FlatWebTV crew recap the event and get some inside perspective from guys who were actually there like: (myself) Effraim Catlow, Scott O’Brien, Moto Sasaki, Dez Maarsen, Jean-William Prevost, Michael Steingraber, Kerry Gatt and the eventual champion, Viki Gomez.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Flat Web TV Circle Of Balance Post Game Show

  1. I really miss Flat Web T.V. , and this was one of their best episodes about C.O.B. 2012 ! Viki’s words , riding clips , even the song playing in this video are perfect . This last C.O.B. was beyond SLLLLAMMMMED and I still remember coming home from work watching it before I even ate dinner , haha …..The entire contest was a ” nail biter ” in the most INTENSE / BEST way . One of the greatest contests ever , TIMES 7 . Justin / Anthony really upped their ante with this episode ! If there were ever another C.O.B. ……it would rule for them to select the invite list , voting by the riders ,like the N.O.R.A. CUP . BRING BACK THE C.O.B. !! Also the rider’s insightful words and their riding / battle clips were dope as well . BRING BACK THE C.O.B. !!!

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