Vienna Jam 2019 by Sevisual

VIENNA JAM 2019 from Sebastian Grubinger on Vimeo.

A friday treat for us all!
The annual Vienna Jam during the Argus Bike Festival at Vienna’s Rathausplatz is growing each year. Tom Sevisual was on hand to document the weekend, and by the look of it this was an absolutely amazing weekend including a contest, workshops helping kids, cash for tricks jams and plenty of happy faces. Keep a look out for Viki Gomez’s bike flip line at 2:16 is amazing! Big up Sebastian Grubinger and everyone who worked on the Vienna Jam, this is awesome!

3 thoughts on “Vienna Jam 2019 by Sevisual

  1. Sure does look like happy faces. It’s a great event by what I can see, with a mix of old school tricks and more modern tricks. Great for organizing it. And the crowd seemed to enjoy it to.

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