Viking BMX Ti Frame for Andrew Faris

Some of you may be old enough to remember Andrew Faris rocking the lightweight Aluminum Schwinn Azrael frame back in the day, today there’s an exciting announcement that Viking BMX have just made a Ti frame for the man himself. As well as the frame news, it’s exciting to hear Andrew is still riding. More news to come I’m sure…

Specs below:

TT: 20,25″
CS: 12,9″
HT angle: 75
ST angle: 72
BB Height: 11,72″
Standover Height: 8,5″
Weight: 1,3 KG

9 thoughts on “Viking BMX Ti Frame for Andrew Faris

  1. I saw this a few hours ago. I loved Andrew’s riding, he was a stand out & great rider. I thought what a waste of skill, when he quit.

  2. Saw it hours ago. Great rider Andrew Farris & loved his originality. Not sure if my comment is being seen E.

  3. If my legend memory serves me well Andrew gave Viki his bike at a contest in Portugal. Poetic that this Viki related company makes the Faris comeback bike.

  4. Extremely STOKED on THIS ! Crazy ….to this day I still do / copy Andrew’s Cobain bar flip to cross elephant glide , haha …( Watched him on and off , between riding myself @ the X-Trials in South Padre Texas , Spring Break 1996 ! The ENTIRE San Antonio BMX scene drove all night in a 6 car/ truck caravan to get there a day early before the contest to warm up / practice AND of course meet / ride with all of the elite pro riders that we all looked up to ! ) Faris , his riding was SO damn far ahead of the pack his ENTIRE career . Always pushing the sport with difficult , progressive and ORIGINAL links , tricks ! My amigo actually chatted with him during practice @ that South Padre X-Trial event , in 1996 . ( I stayed like 18 feet back and was too star struck and honestly scared to talk / meet him , haha !) Andrew said that he KNEW no one on that whole damn tennis court riding, was doing WHAT he was doing trick / combo wise , haha………ya know what ??! He wasn’t being arrogant one slight bit ……..he just KNEW exactly WHAT he was bringing and HAD been bringing to the BMX Flatland table since 1994 . EVERYONE , EVERY pro rider when they were not riding…….they ALL were watching Andrew in amazement as he SLLLLLAAAMMMED DOWN link after link after link ………after link !! Ask Phil about that day , Effraim ! I could even tell that Jason Brown r.i.p. ( of course he was there competing too and rode to ” Rock Lobster ” !! ) was very proud of Andrew’s riding as they both jammed together exchanging combos in practice ! I’ll never forget those 3 days……..Viki , another of my personal TOP 5 list of riders , the fact that HE is making Faris a custom frame and it being his bike company …..I seriously can’t think of a better BMX pass off between two of the BEST riders in our sport’s HISTORY , TIMES 7 ( I had a one on one chat with Viki in the hotel lobby @ the 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam that seriously changed the way I look @ Flatland since that night ! Along with being a SUPER elite rider , TOP 5 if ya ask me !! Viki holds some DEEP knowledge about Flatland and life in general ! ) Viki COMPLETELY elevated the sport since he was riding that 1998 Hoffman E.P. frame ,back when he was one of the FIRST to turbine hitchhikers from dropped Karls ! ( IN LINKS at that ! ) He won the 2013 N.O.R.A. CUP for a reason ! ( I got lost in Austin Texas for 3 HOURS ,looking for the venue of that event the night Viki won that N.O.R.A. CUP , haha. My mom’s car was SMOKING under the hood , barely made it back to San Antonio , haha….at least Chris Saldivar ( old school Vert LEGEND was there to see Viki receive his N.O.R.A. CUP and text me right as he received it !! ) To say I am AMMMMMPED on THIS news is an understatement ……………

  5. Pete Olsen must know something we don’t, and he just tipped us off. Lets wait and see what emerges. Awesomeness to come for sure!

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