Kio Hayakawa wins Cycle Week 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland

Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa, winner of the Cycle week contest in Zurich, Switzerland followed on the podium by Matthias Dandois and Sietse van Berkel.

Pro final results.

1. Kio Hayakawa.

2. Matthias Dandois.

3. Sietse van Berkel.

4. Dustyn Alt.

5. Joris Bretagnolles.

6. Julien Baran.

7. Alberto Moya.

8. Dan Hennig

Fise World 2024: Back Wheel Assassins

In between full days judging all the classes at Fise World 2024, I managed to get a few combos from some of the riders, time was pretty limited so this one is short and sweet. As it turns out, they are all Back Wheel Assassins! Enjoy!


Yohei Uchino.
Naoto Tamaru.
Yu Katagiri.
Jean William Prevost.

Yu Shoji wins Fise World 2024 in Montpellier!

Congratulations to Yu Shoji winner of the 2024 Fise World contest here in Montpellier France for the second year in a row. Matthias Dandois signed out of his amazing contest career with a strong second place finish, followed by the amazing Yu Katagiri who couldn’t hold onto his first round and semi final victories. What a contest!

Watch the finals here:


As contest season is about to get in full flow, with the Fire World event in Montpellier, France this weekend. I remembered I had a load of clips from the UCI World Championships in Glasgow last summer that I need to get off my phone. Enjoy this one!

Sietse Van Berkel.
Matti Hemmings.
Dan Hennig.
Dez Maarsen.
Moto Sasaki.
Jean William Prevost.
William Perez.
Joris Bretagnolles.
Alberto Moya.
Terry Adams.
Matt Wilhelm.
Kio Haykawa.
Bruno Zebu.

Music: Ivan Shopov & Valance Drakes.

Repo: Sportszone Hungarian Cup Round 1

Text & photos: Rob Alton.

On April 20th, the new building of Sport Zone SE hosted this year’s first Round of the Hungarian FlatlandCup. As usual, this year competitors rode in the Junior B, Junior, Girls, Master, Elite men’s, Elite women’s and Open categories. We created the Junior B category for those who started cycling not long ago, but love it!

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