Behind The Scenes – 2013 Flatland Calendar Presented by DK Bicycles (Part 2)

Text and photos by Fat Tony.

Last week we showed you seven photos from the making of the newest flatland calendar, and this week we have six more for you including Terry Adams, Jean-Francois Boulianne, and Yohei Uchino!

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Alex Jumelin – Las Vegas, Nevada
As empty as this road seems, we still had to break for cars pretty often. If you recall in Alex’s Freegun edit (, there were a few cars that passed by before he pulled the combo at this spot. When shooting the video I had my camera on a tripod at the edge of the road, so I didn’t have to move when cars came. However, when shooting the photo for the Saint Martin page of the calendar, I had a flash on a light stand on the road, and I was lying in the middle of the road as well. Luckily Alex’s friend Michael from She Is Christine (who performed the music in the video) was with us, so he helped watch for cars and helped move the flash out of the way when they were approaching.

Dane Beardsley – Austin, Texas
Dane Beardsley typically only likes to shoot photos at locations were he would actually session, so while shooting the cover of the calendar for DK Bicycles with Dane we went to this tennis court where he used to ride when he lived in Austin for a while. The sun was going down and we were losing daylight fast, so instead of using the sunset as an obstacle to overcome, I used it to my advantage to get a really cool backlit light orb effect. I laid down in the grass to get some greenery in the foreground, and when the sun was at just the right spot and about to set I got the shot I was going for.

Eric Wright – Long Beach, California
I passed off my iPhone 5 to Eric Wright’s wife Sam while I was shooting him and asked her to snap a few pictures for a behind the scenes look at our shoot at the infamous Globe spot in Long Beach. So if you’ve ever wondered what goes into getting a flatland photo, this gives you a pretty good look at what it’s like for me to get the shot!

Jean-Francois Boulianne – Austin, Texas
JFB is always full of energy, and always super fun to be around. When Flatware agreed to sponsor the calendar I was really stoked to get JF in there this year. During the Texas Toast pre-jam at the OG Garage in Austin I set up my flashes in a back corner while everyone was sessioning and made the photo as dark as possible so the image didn’t give away where we were. Thanks to JF’s red shirt and blue jeans there was just enough color present that with the right lighting it made for a really interesting photo of one of his signature tricks.

Terry Adams – Hammond, Louisiana
Terry Adams is known for riding and shooting in some pretty wild locations, but every once in a while it’s cool to capture a rider in his natural habitat as well. One day when I was in Terry’s hometown we went to film a video at his “oak tree spot” on the SLU college campus, and after we were finished filming I snapped a few photos. One photo was shot with a fisheye and was used for a Dan’s Comp ad, and the other photo of a brakeless decade landed on the Freegun Underwear page of the calendar.

Yohei Uchino – Joplin, Missouri
I’ve been to Joplin, Missouri for the JoMoPro contest for the past five years in a row, and I tried to shoot a flatland photo somewhere around the town at least three of those years prior to this one. After coming up very empty handed and making do with some less-than-desirable situations in the past I finally decided to shoot what was right in front of me the whole time—inside the Foundry music venue where the flatland contest takes place. This year Ucchie was in town from Japan so I asked him to arrive at the venue at about 9:00am the day of the contest before the venue opened so we could shoot a photo. Jet-lagged and tired, he showed up and made it happen, then went on to win the contest later that night.

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