Red Bull Circle of Balance is back!!! 17th December New Orleans

Big news today. The Red Bull Circle of Balance is back, celebrating the 20th year anniversary on December 17th in New Orleans, USA. The rider list is trickling out one by one on social media with 16 riders invited, so far I see Terry Adams, Jean William Prevost, Toon Pakphum, Lee Musselwhite, Matt Wilhelm, more to follow. This is not to be missed!!

Full rider list to follow is confirmation comes through.

Get your tickets:


Repo: UCI World Championships: Abu Dhabi 2022

Repo: Effraim.
Photos: UCI.

What a great week it has been out here in Abu Dhabi, for the UCI World Championships, As any of you already know, the humidity/condensation in the evening delaying the schedule on Thursday. This made Friday an action packed day with Mens Elite semi finals 12 riders down to 8, Women’s Elite finals with the final 4 females, followed by Mens Elite finals.

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UCI World Championships Mens Elite Finals: Abu Dhabi 2022

If you missed the livestream of yesterdays amazing final at the UCI World Championships here in Abu Dhabi, with Matti Hemmings on the mic. The top 2 in particular, Masato Ito and Moto Sasaki and Aude Cassagne in the Women’s Elite had absolutely amazing runs. Awards ceremony at the end with both Mens and Women’s Elite class, Well worth a watch!!!

*Once again, thank you to Martin Northern getting the site back up and running after some technical issues.

Moto Sasaki wins UCI World Championships: Abu Dhabi 2022

What a day! Congratulations to Moto Sasaki throwing down a flawless run under so much contest pressure. Moto was followed on the podium by Misato Ito who also had a no touch run and Kio Hayakawa in third.

Japan domination here at the UCI World Championships in Abu Dhabi. That’s got to go down as one of the best finals ever!!

Final results:

Aude Cassagne wins Womens Elite Class: UCI World Championships Abu Dhabi 2022

Massive congratulations to Aude Cassagne taking the UCI World Championship title with an amazing run. And fresh on Heresy too, what a couple of days for her!!! Aude was followed on the podium by Julia Preuss, and Kirara Nagakawa. With Melissa Droll in fourth place. Amazing contest!!!

UCI World Championship Semi Final cancelled

Unfortunately, due to condensation tonight’s scheduled semi final here at the UCI World Championship in Abu Dhabi is cancelled. We are all waiting on the schedule change to be announced shortly for tomorrows event, its not clear right now if it will straight final or semi final and final tomorrow. We shall see….


The Semi Final was postponed due to dampness on the FOP.

The Semi Final will be re scheduled to Friday morning, with each heat having a 10 min warm up from 09h00 to 09h30.

The Semi Final competition will be held from 09h30 to 11h00.

NOTE: ALL Semi Final heats will run on Friday morning. Results from Thursday will be cancelled, with this heat re-run on Friday morning as part of the new schedule.

The WE final schedule is amended to:

15h00 – Warm Up

15h30 – Final Competition

The ME final schedule is amended to:

16h00 – Warm Up

16h30 – Final Competition

Repo: First Round UCI World Championships / Abu Dhabi

Repo + photos: Effraim.

What a day yesterday for the first round eliminations here in Abu Dhabi. 37c to deal with for the Mens Elite class, groups of 4 with 20 or so riders in the mix. A couple of riders had to pull out, Dustyn Alt got sick and Matthias Dandois pulled out, as his girlfriend is expecting their first baby together any day…

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