Kio Hayakawa qualifies 1st at FiseWorld UCI World Cup in Montpellier

Kio Hayakawa takes the top spot in the first qualifying competition here at Fiseworld UCI World Cup in Montpellier, France. Top 16 make semi finals, the event started yesterday and had to stop due to rain stopping the event being able to run.

We finished qualifying at 9am this morning, with the last group of eight riders. Props to all the riders getting it done in difficult conditions. Semis later on today, let’s hope the rain stays away.

Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 33 with Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos

The story of 2 lifelong friends from Louisiana. From humble beginnings riding together over 25 years ago, constantly practicing their skills, pushing each other, travelling together to events, and now starting a bike company together. In their own words: Blood, sweat and tears with Terry Adams and Mickey Gaidos. Enjoy this episode!

Must Watch: Takahiro Enoki

3:46 of amazing front and back wheel mastery from Heresy’s Takahiro Enoki to get you hyped for this weekends riding sessions.
Loving the Switch foot tomahawk to backwards spinning seat grab hang 5 at the 2:55 mark, and on the back wheel Takahiro is master of the backwards two footed dump truck. Look out for the 2:40 mark with the turbine two ice cream jump to backwards two footed dump truck, adding layers to Takahiro’s already amazing riding. No one is doing this stuff, for a reason!

Effraim Catlow: BMX Banter Podcast

Photo: Mate’ Hocopan.

It’s not often I promote myself on the site. A few weeks ago I caught up with Jon Dowker and Anthony Berardi for a chat for an episode of the BMX Banter podcast.

We discuss my roots in riding, the U.K. scene, why I run Flatmattersonline, competing across the globe for thirty years, my new edit, plus my views on so many rider related topics such as Instagram vs Videoparts, and much more.