inTRIKat – Infinite Pieces, 2000

I’ve truly been waiting for Infinite Pieces to be online for years, and today is great day! Stop what you are doing, grab a cuppa and enjoy this classic from 2000 by Chad Johnston. Featuring: Martti Kuoppa, Matt Wilhelm, Nathan Penonzek, Terry Adams, Chad Johnston, Morisake Hiroya, Kotaro Tonaka, Dan Rigby, Erin Donato, Simon O’Brien, Jorge Gomez, Phil Dolan, Thomas Ebeling, Michael Steingräber, Frank Lukas, Ulrich Kittel, Matti Röse, Alex Jumelin, Hammadi Lotfi, Alexis Desolneux, Jimmy Petitet, Gabe Weed, Ryoji Yamamoto, Kent Pearson, and yours truly, Effraim Catlow. Thank you Kala Yasuda for posting this ono;one, you made my day and i’m sure many others!

9 thoughts on “inTRIKat – Infinite Pieces, 2000

    • Would have to agree with you on that pete. Real eye opener today watching this back, so much variety and original styles from each rider. Best thing on net right now. Thanks Kalu for uploading and Chad for documenting this amazing period of time.

  1. Lost my vhs copy years ago and been on the lookout for a replacement forever… so good I would’ve gladly paid for one too! So much good stuff in here, but Simon, Ulrich Kittel, Nate, and Viki’s sections always stuck out for me. X-Game prepped Martti in this vid was like watching Michael Jordan in his prime…

  2. The vibe of this video (and most of chads work) has never been recreated, I’m glad to have been a flatlander of this time period, because it was dope as Fook. Was the uk premier of this video held at level vibes in caterham ?

    • I think that was background that was premiered. Remember everyone cheering at James whites , Phil dolan, and lee musselwhites section. 2001 iirc

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