Must Watch: Akihiko Takahashi / 20th Reverse / ReBirth

As we near ever closer to our 12th anniversary, let’s get back to regular updates after the amazing Pete Olsen edit for Heresy shook us all last Friday! And today, equally on measure is this amazing 20 years of reverse riding edit by the incredibly underrated Akihiko Takahashi! Mix in untouchable backwards riding style with a classic soundtrack that was used on Mike S’ Props Groundwork part, and you have a Must Watch edit. Much like Peter’s part there is so much to take in at just over 11 minutes, I’ll leave the description as this and let you make your own mind up. I’ll be grabbing other cuppa in a moment and taking this one in again on the big screen.
Much respect to Akihiko!!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch: Akihiko Takahashi / 20th Reverse / ReBirth

  1. I was just thinking about him after watching Peter’s video 2 posts below, as probably the last time I have seen a full edit from Akihiko at his spot which looks like a dockyard may be around the same time I have seen an edit from Peter. And there he is! I am just longing for riders with their own universe, barely overlapping others. The aesthetics of his backward style is just so clean and elegant, a pleasure to watch and get motivated.

  2. that was so amazing to watch mad skills and theres some ole dirty d in da mix so ya know this shit is hard and probably no days off

  3. Who is even touching some of this? I watched once and am blown away. All the backwards whiplashes, backwards death truck, so much more I couldn’t keep track. So good.

  4. Aki has been one of my favorites to watch for years. At a time when it’s not easy to stand out in the world of flatland, his backward style is completely unique and amazing – I haven’t seen anyone else who has even pursued this route, let alone taken it to the unbelievable level he has. Legend.

  5. Thoroughly impressed! So much of these backwards tricks are so difficult! There is a reason only few have ever touched some of these tricks.

  6. Totally , completely and with a single doubt in his own league…. when you’re discussing difficulty within combos . This dude ! Still remember after missing the 2007 Flatland Voodoo Jam ( I was doing BMX demos downtown with Chris Ridener and the whole of the San Antonio BMX scene , like 25 of us riding in the middle of downtown San Antonio all day ! ) and literally buying 9 hours worth of raw footage , unedited ( just the way I like it , haha ) from Rad Dad……one of the first battles in prelims was Terry Adams vs……..THIS GUY ! Watching Akihiko for the first time ever , his long backwards links packed with hard , hard tricks / transitions within EVERY second , during a combo …….I was BUGGING OUT , man …….with not even an ounce of sketch , struggle…. he literally was cruising through each line as Terry and him battled . I’ve been a fan since . This guy does some of the hardest stuff in the sport and has constantly pushed his own level AND Flatland @ the same time. Had to go back and ” peep game ” this edit for my own knowledge ………and to get motivated watching a rider whose riding is as CORE and technically ridiculous as solving a Rubic’s cube submerged in a barrel of thick pudding / syrup …….while blind folded , haha…….seriously though , man……..dude deserves so much props , TIMES 7……..this edit will be a MUST WATCH …………….in 2030 !!

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