Must Watch: James White / White Noise

Need some winter motivation? James White delivers an amazing mixtape part showcasing his year-long efforts no matter what the weather.

As James notes, it covers everything from front-wheel to back-wheel action, including unique pedal grinding scuffing circle k’s. Pay attention to the opposite (1:07), switch foot (2:50), spinning opposite (3:25), and switch foot spinning (3:42) – an untapped direction and trick concept.

The combos featuring this concept are also noteworthy. James’s progression and fun approach shine throughout. He skillfully crafts an engaging video. Share your thoughts in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Must Watch: James White / White Noise

  1. Reminds me of a Declan Murray edit. Declan RULES on a bike and like James …….he’s totally into his own ” groove “. Everything thing about this ,I’m stoked on. Originality off the charts . No handed ice cream grinds , the multiple boomerangs to pedal infinity rolls , Taj style -bike ” whirlwind ” slides , even the pick up-kick- bike flip…..there’s SO much to take in that it’s like a BMX buffet of visual gluttony , ha. ( it isfor me ,anyway ! ) THEN he adds the left cross SCUFFING E-squeak , pedal slide , too ??!! Yeah , that right there really won me over ! I love this and continue to watch it with Declan Murray and Banana Slamma vibes ( funny Slam Metal band . ) Mr. White making Flatland fun , refreshing and completely as ” out of orbit ” as one could ask for . ( which RULES . )

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