Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnécuelle / Riding Waste


Isn’t the saying “Another man’s waste is another man’s treasure”, well god damn my mind is blown this evening with this footage of Matthieu Bonnécuelle shot in 2015/16. Matthieu in my mind is like a mysterious figure we don’t see a lot of, but when we do it is a treat for us all.

And such is the case here, second clip in at the 00:17 mark – backwards facing messiah no handed double backwards facing whiplash to backwards facing messiah. I screamed loud at my laptop, the bike control on this clip is out of this world and it continues there are so many surprises in this edit.

00:39 and a steam bikeflip to backwards ice cream! Hit the rewind, wow! I love how I have no idea what’s coming next, exciting!

1:00 – I think this might be my favourite clip of the edit, backwards facing whiplash to body varial jump rideout!

Pretty much everything Matthieu does is a highlight to be honest, let’s talk about this one in the comments section. I am going back to watch this one again.