Must Watch – Pedro Melo / Nice Nice Very Nice

Now I wouldn’t normally give this video a Must Watch tag as I already gave it for the video premiere of Nice Nice Very Nice. But, this section I am sure will come back to in years to come discussing the groundbreaking moves Pedro does.
Truly Pedro is a man on his own path and doing his thing, the one footed hitch has sat untouched since Martti Kuoppa did it on I believe one of Jason Brown’s videos (RIP). Pedro found a way to hold it longer (1:52), if you have ever tried it you know the difficulty and also the one footed spinning version is jawdropping in difficulty at 1:11 and if thats not enough the ender just hurts my brain and knees watching, how do you learn this backpacker on the knees move?! Pedro is the man, as a culture we should celebrate this section! I feel like a kid watching Dorkin’ again.

What was your favourite line on the section? Let’s discuss this….