The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners are….

It’s time to announce the 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards! Congratulations to all the winners, and also nominees! Plenty of you voted again this year in all seven categories, making it uber tight in some categories! I will be catching up with the winners over the next week for address details, and for interviews during the next few months.

Whilst I was going through the months via the Lookback features on the site it became apparent to me that one rider in particular unselfishly took himself out of the running for the World Circuit title in order to help make our sport more credible, whilst also throwing down an incredible edit and placing well at so many events throughout the year. Not forget his running his brand as well, so like last year as I hinted when I announced the awards, there is an extra category!

Thank you once again to everyone that voted, let’s make 2017 another great year for Flatland!
Effraim Catlow – Flatmattersonline


Editorial Choice Rider of the Year

Viki Gomez

Runner up: Matthias Dandois

Editorial Choice Edit of the Year

John Yull Fall

Runner Up: Charles Paty Windless 111

Reader Choice:

Rider of the Year

Viki Gomez

Runner up: Jean William Prevost

Edit of the Year

Charles Paty Windless 111

Runner up: John Yull Fall

Brand of the year

Kuoppa Gomez Bikes
Runner up: IGI/Quest BMX

Innovation of the Year

Master of Creativity

Runner up: Joe Cicman The Terradoom

Contest Run of the year

Viki Gomez BMX Cologne Final Run

Runner up: Moto Sasaki Battle in the Rockies

Most Progressive rider

Pedro Melo

Runner up: John Yull

Breakthrough rider of the year

Pedro Melo

Runner up:Hidenori Ishizaki

Outstanding Contribution

Jean William Prevost

14 thoughts on “The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners are….

  1. Congratulations to all the winners, and really all of those nominated. It’s such an honor to be recognized by your peers. Also, big ups to Flatmatters for the constant the motivation. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the honorable mention E! Means a lot to me! Long life to FM and congratulations to every nominee, winner and to flatland for being what it is to me and many!!! Much love.

  3. awesome work,you really do an amazing thing for flatland,im not super old school,but just old enough to buy many vhs videos and that was a huge inspiration and highlight of my riding… goood job being awesome and making it easier for the new generation of flatland riders to get inspired and motivated to ride. You deserve a HUGE award yourself for keeping it real and giving everybody the respect for their contribution to flatland big or small..keep up the hard work. Many people appreciate it. 🙂

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