Terry Adams – Raleigh College Tour

Terry Adams riding and speaking in front of sports marketing classes at University of Carolina-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. Check it!

Chad Johnston – ESPN article

Less is indeed more, Brian Tunney breaks down the best flatland video part of the year so far for the rest of BMX! This is awesome!


Love Jam 2012!

Love these grassroot jam edits from Japan!

Shuichi Osada starts Buoyancy!

New handle bars from a new company founded by Shuichi Osada called “Buoyancy” will be available in Sep. Takuji Kasahara and a few other riders have been testing this prototype and none of them got bent or broken so far. “So we can say it’s strong!” If anybody outside of Japan interested in this bars contact Takuji on facebook. It’s not clear right now if its a parts company, or frames as well. Specs for the bar above.

Red Bull COB – ET

The Red Bull COB is right around the corner, I just came across this awesome COB hype video. I hear that buses are running from every city centre in japan to take riders to the contest, to say i’m excited to be going to this is an understatement!

Adam DiClaudio – Once Upon an OG Session…

Adam put together this edit during a solo session at the infamous OG parking garage, enjoy!

Erik Hogers BMX WTF

Pretty crazy this video is close to 10,000 hits in one day! Watch the short clip you might why….

Honza Horáček – Summer 2012

Honza Horáček – Summer 2012 from Michal Kupec on Vimeo.

Czech represent! Peep this new Summer edit from Honza Horáček, smooth styles!

Shintaro Misawa – New Bike set up

Shintaro just set up a new bike, more of a street bike type ride. Check out the buttery! This guy is a master!

Tuner Evolution 2012

Tuner Evolution 2012 – BMX Flatland from Steve Lapsley on Vimeo.

“This was the second year with BMX Flatland at the Tuner Evolution car show in York, PA. This year we just did a jam or flatland showcase for the spectators. It was an awesome time with about 10 riders killing it all day.”