Sportzone Contest: November 7th

Looking for a contest to compete at? Rob Alton is hosting the annual Sportszone Contest on November 7th in Hungary, a country with a deep flatland history of amazing riders coming through the ranks. This looks like a good one, read on….

“On November 7th Rob Alton and Sport Zone SE will be hosting the Hungarian Championships and as in 2019 it is open to all international riders too. Sadly, this year no prize money for the Elite Class but the great news is that it will be held in a shopping center in Budapest with open practice on Saturday 6th afternoon into early evening and the contest on Sunday 7th. The categories are Junior (Under 14), Girls (all ages), Amateur and Elite. There will be a new version of “King of Spin” and Best Trick for each category. Elite Best trick has 30,000ft (100 Euro) prize money donated by Miklosi Peter from Hungary.

This is a great opportunity for Flatland in Hungary and hopefully a start of a contest series in 2022-3. So, we hope for a good turn out and a fun 2 days of riding in Hungary’s capitol.
Registration is open until October 31st and any International and Elite riders will be photo featured on our Instagram page.”

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MK Format Open Zoom Battle

Almost everyone who is serious about competing understands that the nervousness during a competition run can make things go wrong, just because the nervousness/anxiety took over the moment you wanted to do a good job with the run you had worked so hard for many months/years.

I have been running these Zoom live contest run simulations for about 2 years now and I have seen a remarkable improvement in everyone’s stress management skills when it comes to understanding how to develop a strong ability to understand how to perform well while feeling nervous. That being said, the live battle system I have here at MK Format works very efficiently and now it is time to make these battles open for everyone! Yes, you don’t need to be part of the coaching program and you can enter these weekly battles whenever you want. However, to make it feel even more like a real contest, there is an entry fee to join these live Zoom battles.

Contest season is starting and the battles are open for everyone starting next week. This is your opportunity to practice in a safe environment and truly understand where your current contest riding level is. In other words, the way you´ll ride in your first Zoom battle is how you would ride in your next contest.

One time entry fee is 50 USD / 42 EUR.

Martti Kuoppa.

Grizzly Flatland Jam: August 7/8th

Joseph Kyllo got in contact to help spread the word, on a big flatland contest scheduled for August 7/8th, read on… (cracking flyer!)

We are excited to announce Grizzly Jam, a flatland BMX contest happening in beautiful Vancouver, Canada on August 7/th. We have partnered with the Vancouver Mural Festival to host Grizzly Jam during the VMF Mount Pleasant Street Party. This festival is attended by over 150,000 people and we see this as a great opportunity to showcase and grow our sport! For additional info check out our Facebook page below and let us if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!

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Fise Hiroshima: 3/5th April 2020 & Fise Series Dates Announced!

Fise just announced the dates and venues for the 2020 season, kicking off again in Hiroshima, Japan on 3-5 April. Moving onto Montpellier, France on 20-24 May, and finishing in Chengdu, China on 5-8 November 2020. Enjoy the short sweet trailer for Round 1! You can keep up to date on what events are going on throughout the year by checking the events category on our site….

Repo: Sportzone Veres Contest by Rob Alton

Text/Photos: Rob Alton.

Four months of hard work finally paid off on Saturday at Sport Zone. The larger room and new floor was perfect! Three riders could ride at the same time and we definitely needed the extra space as there were 36 riders from 5 countries at the event. It was a combined contest, the Hungarian Championships in collaboration with Bringasport (Hungarian Cycle Federation) and the Veres Verseny 2019.

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