UK Flatland Championships Day 1

Text: Effraim.
Photos: Matti Hemmings.

Today I made the 6 hour trek from Southsea on the south coast of England to Harrogate, in Yorkshire. Harrogate is in the North of England for all of you across the world that might not know. Harrogate is the home of “Yorkshire Tea”, my favourite brand of tea in the world and what by and large fuels Flatmattersonline updates on the daily. It was pretty awesome to drive past the home of YT today on the way to the Yorkshire events centre for the UK Flatland Championships.

The trek to Harrogate was eventful, with Matti planning my route via the underground (bikes aren’t allowed on the underground) so I missed my train and after a stressful hour or so trying to figure out how I would get to Yorkshire. The guard was nice enough to let me on the train and all was well with the world once again.

When I arrived I was greeted by the man with the largest seatpost in BMX, Matti Hemmings and Davis Dudelis. Matti is out injured so is hobbling about with a swollen ankle. I got in a nice three hour session with Davis getting used to the floor. We have a decent sized floor, fast stone floor, super smooth! After brushing off the initial travel stiffness, I really enjoyed the session, nailing a couple of new lines I am working on whilst Davis was slaying big hop bars to manual bar out with ease, once my session started winding down Davis started playing with rollback grip rides again. Davis is one of the most chilled pros on the scene, Matti wanted to get some more content for the UK Flatland Championships so we fired out a pretty funny short interview that I will get posted as soon as I can. I’m feeling pretty tired now from the travel mostly, a 4am start will do it to you. But I wanted to update you across the globe and let you know what’s going here in the UK, the venue is dialled and we are set for tomorrow’s contest. It’s time for a Yorkshire tea in Yorkshire!

Uk Flatland Championships – Saturday 13th October

The Uk Flatland Championships is going down this Saturday Am / Pro BMX Competition 13th October at the Cycle Expo – Yorkshire events centre Harrogate. Free Entry, Free Parking, Prize fund for PRO £1000. Prizes for Am / Pro. You can access the area from 9am onwards. Comp kicks off for Am 1pm Pro 2pm or 3pm. Format 2 min run for am. 3 min run for Pro. Depending on the number of riders could be 1 run or 2 runs for best run counts will know this on the day. Contact Matti Hemmings for more information, see you there!

One Love Jam 2019 – January 19th

The first event of 2019 is the 9th annual One Love Jam in Newport Beach on January 19th, MLK Weekend. Soak up the Cali sunshine and get some good quality riding time in at the beach. Darin Wright is working hard on sponsors, Day Smith gets the poster for 2019. Join the facebook group (see below) and enjoy a re-up of the official 2018 edit.

FB One Love Jam page:

One Love jam location:
1327 W Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92661-1043, United States

Battle in the Rockies – Saturday November 3rd

The week after flatark in Kobe, Japan I will be back in Denver, Colorado to judge the finals of the 2018 AFA series at the Battle in the Rockies. Mates Tucek (on poster) has been confirmed to be back at the event after his second place finish last year, looking forward to this one once again. Book your flights, its going to go off at the Rackhouse.

100 PSI Contest – September 1st

Dustyn Alt hit me up last night with the details for the up and coming 100 PSI Contest in Dresden, Germany on 1st September. This event always looks fun, get there if you can…

With hard tires, BMX riders from all over Germany and Europe will bring their flatland art to the Elbe on September 1st. Under the motto “BMX Flatland Contest on Asphalt”, what began 30 years ago in parking lots in California will now be carried to the city of Dresden for the seventh time.
As in previous years, the contest area is a 400 m² asphalt area in the middle of the city, with a direct view of the Dresden City Hall. So the drivers have ideal conditions for hot tricks on the tarmac and to present the Dresden audience a completely different form of cycling.
The competition is divided into two classes: amateurs and professionals. Every rider has two runs, which are considered the better run. It starts with the practice of the amateurs at 13:00 clock. The final of the pros will take place around 18:00. The winners of the professional class beckons this year a prize money of 600 €. The amateurs are motivated with thick material prizes to show their tricks.
In the evening, the award ceremony is celebrated, directly in Dresden’s trendy Neustadt district, in the Club Ostpol! So heat tires and not stingy with tricks, dear flatland community. See you in Dresden!

Repo: UK Flatland Champs / Dreamlands Kent

Text: Effraim.
Photography: Jim Cossey.

Round 1 of the 2018 UK Flatland Championships took place last weekend in Margate, Kent. Margate is a seaside town about an hour and half from central London for all of you reading this outside of the UK. Matti Hemmings once again is the man behind making the event happen, this year a different location and a better set up. Dreamlands, an amusement park smack on Margate seafront which somewhat bizarrely to me, goes in land rather than out towards the sea, two years ago we sat on the seafront having fish n chips after the Wheels and Finns festival and wondered what Dreamlands was. A great use of space and in terms of planning, this place is epic. You wouldn’t know this amusement park was even there, if you drive along the seafront road.

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Snipes Battle Square, Rotterdam / Saturday August 4th

Cologne, July 20th, 2018 —SNIPES Battle Square is bringing both a NEW BMX Flatland event and a fundamentally new event format to Rotterdam. – On Saturday, August 4, 2018, 14­ of the world’s best professional BMX Flatland athletes together with OPEN Class amateur riders will be competing and showing spectacular moves and tricks on their BMX bikes. This fascinating freestyle discipline represents the symbiosis of BMX riding and Breakdancing.

On the first Saturday of August 2018 the last Dutch great “ship of state” SS Rotterdam and SNIPES Battle Square will present a unique event format with this new BMX event. In Rotterdam, the SNIPES Battle Square will start its tour of seven stages across Europe in 2019.

One day loaded with the “Best of the Best” in the sport — 14 BMX Flatland riders from the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Czech Republic, England, and Germany will compete against each other and fight to win a total of EUR 7,500 prize money. The athletes will be performing to various types of music and to the voice of one of the best MC’s in BMX: Zach “Catfish” Yankush from USA.

Two Dutch BMX Flatland heroes will be defending their territory and are most likely podium candidates in this BMX Flatland battle. Sietse van Berkel lives in Utrecht and has been riding BMX for over 14 years. The MOORA-Cup awards nominated him as the “BEST Dutch” BMX Flatland rider of the years 2016 and 2017. In 2012, Sietse had his international contest debut at the BMX Freestyle World Championships in Cologne, Germany where he made the podium by winning the 3rdplace. Ever since 29-year-old Sietse has been riding and performing in contests and shows worldwide, he has collected several titles, and he continues being a great ambassador for the sport.

Dez Maarsen is based in Haarlem and started riding at the age of 14. Dez who is 29 years old has been taking podium spots in various national and international BMX Flatland events worldwide. He is known for his creativity and establishing new tricks and combinations on his BMX bike.

It is going to be a tough battle in a very strong field of participants; Snipes’ very own BMX team rider Dominik Nekolny, CZE as well as Kevin Nikulski, GER are experienced riders and will compete for a podium spot at this first SNIPES Battle Square too.

“FREE ADMISSION”, everybody is welcome – hardcore BMX fans as well as families and all individuals that like excitement. The event format promises an open and friendly atmosphere in one of the most significant locations next to the well-known late steamship SS Rotterdam. The Lido Terrace on board the ship will be open to our visitors and provide drinks & food all day long.

Hope to see you there.

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King of Concrete – 3/5th August

The King of Concrete is just a few weeks away, just a few weeks ago we celebrated 40 years of Southsea Skatepark!

It seems like the perfect time to bring the legendary King of Concrete contest back, and in conjunction with the UK Park and Vert series it’s sure to be a banging weekend. Flatland is on the Saturday, Park, Highest Bunnyhop, Concrete, Vert and good times here in Southsea!

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Flatland Fuel.

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