One Love Jam – January 13th 2018

The annual One Love jam is going down on January 13th, need to escape the cold ass winter where you are and ride outside in the Cali sunshine? This jam is for you! Widely regarded as the curtain opener for the year, Newport Beach California is the place to be. Bobby Carter gets the poster this year. Hit up the FB events page and stay up to date.

Gasparilla BMX Flatland Jam – January 28th 2018

Jay Marley hit me up with some jam news for January 28th, fancy escaping the winter where you are? Florida is the place to be, the Gasparilla Flat Jam is all set. jay has already confirmed Chad Degroot, Marcos de Jesus, Alexis Desolneux, Terry Adams, and Mark Eaton on the decks. Follow the Facebook page and stay up to date with what’s going on…

UK Flatland Championships – 10/11th March 2018

Matti Hemmings has been busy confirming the first date of the UK Flatland Championships in Manchester for the 10/11th March next year. The floor is great, vibes will be great and 1K prize money. Really looking forward to this one, drop Matti a line on social media if you are interested in attending.

Down Underground Finals – 25th November

November is a big month for events in flatland, the Down Undergound finals are going down in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s what Shaun Jarvis had to say:

“After 9 years we are now at the finals of series 9
starting back in 2008 downunderground has helped keep the flatland scene alive in Australia
over the years there has been many international riders attend the relaxed easy going contest format. this year the finals take place in Melbourne, the heart of the Australian flatland scene.(Melbourne has the highest number of progressive riders)
going into the finals it going to be tough in the open class with either Paul Chamberlain or Simon O’Brien have a shot at the year end title with one win each from the previous two rounds.
next year will make ten years of downunderground. Lets keep the momentum going.”

Sport Zone BMX Flatland Contest/Jam – October 28/29th

Rob Alton got in contact with some news on the up and coming jam he is organising over in Hungary. Get there if you can, promises to be a good weekend. Read on…

“Here is our official flyer for the Veres BMX FLATLAND Veresny. Special thanks to our main sponsors KreativFaAjandek, Korosi Fatelep, Elite BMX shop and Colony. Many other local and International sponsors are supporting us too, 4 pegs, Flatland Fuel, Custom Riders, Vocal, Vitamin Well, CBA, Gombai Cukrászda, Scitec Nutrition, Tokmania, Dekor Klinika, Rob bike shop and No Limit bike shop. The local support and enthusiasm has been great and we are looking forward to a great contest and fun day for the kids, parents, Master and Pro Class.
I will be posting videos from as many confirmed riders as possible to help promote our sponsors and of course the event. So PLEASE guys if you are coming confirm it on the Facebook Event page and please send me a short HD video (under 45secs) clip with your name and class as the file name, example Rob Alton Pro Class. Send files over to If you use the mobile wetransfer app just put your info into the message part. I will also try to stream the event live from our Facebook Page on the day.”

Event Page:

Sport Zone Veresegyház Facebook Page:

Vienna Jam Coming Home – 7th October

Sebastian Grubinger got in contact with news of the Vienna Jam Coming Home on the 7th October, get there if you can always looks like a good time! Read on for more details from the man himself:

“Doing a Jam again. This year smaller cause they cancelled the exhibition where we did it last year.

No Wiener Fahrradschau this year and construction works finished on heldenplatz… VIENNA JAM is coming home !!! After last year’s amazing experience at the first Wiener Fahrradschau this year’s Vienna Jam is going down on its usual spot, the Heldenplatz. Come and enjoy a good day riding and hanging out with some small challenges to win goodies from our sponsors. Thanks to @heresybmx , @vans Store Wien & @authentic.san , @visitor_co , @fourpegsbmx , @preddy_tendergrass and @sevisual for the support!”