Trinity 2nd Year Anniversary / A Trick Flatland Contest Monday 23rd November


Naoto Tamaru hit me with some late news on a flatland contest he is holding this coming Monday at the Trinity Skatepark to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary. Here is what he had to say, translated from the above video:

‘I’m Naoto, I organized A-TRICK and it is TRINITY 2nd anniversary too.
I want to tell you why I’m organized it.
When I started BMX, I didn’t have a You Tube, Facebook like a SNS.
But when I entered contest, always I met new ppl and see what they do, what they think.
It was help for my motivate and my progress.
Recently, I’m in world contest sometimes I did good run, sometimes bad run but it is no matter because after contest I progressed and got motivate from them.


Now we have a SNS what really good for us. because we could see whole world and what they do all the time but sometimes we don’t know each other, we don’t see each face, we don’t talk each other.
So I want them to enter the any contest or come any contest because we can meet each other, see face, talk, make a new friends or new rival and get motivated.
It is help for us absolutely.

This time, I’m making 16inch class and 20inch low class, these is more kinda fun, I want them to feel contest is fun!

And one more class is 20inch high.
This is kinda open or Pro class.
Winner will get 100000 japanese yen(about 810$)
I want them to be great or hard trick because I want to show what we could do with BMX, what pro riders do and give motivate for kids, beginners and amateur riders.

It is local contest but I’m trying to keep this contest every year.

I’m waiting see everyone at A-TRICK.
A-TRICK supported by ARES BIKES.

Naoto Tamaru.

Downunderground Round 2 – The Video Round


“The next round of DownUnderGround is now here. Riders from around Australia have been out filming a contest run to submit for round two of DownUnderGround. The video contest concept is simple, each rider gets to submit one contest video run, between one and two minutes long, as if they were riding at a flatland contest. The video run gets judged using the same criteria as a normal contest, difficulty, consistency and variety. Points are awarded and these points go towards the year end title. It is good to see the amount of videos being submitted from riders who never get out to film. This type of contest helps to promote bmx flatland in Australia. The Australian scene is a small one compared to many other countries with most riders over the age of 30 years old. New riders are needed to get into flatland and this is one of the primary goals of the DownUnderGround contest series is to help promote bmx flatland in Australia.

A big thank you to Freestyle Now for the first place prize, pro and advanced winners get to share in $400 worth of travel for the next rounds of DownUnderGround. We would also like to thank Colony for supplying prizes for 2nd and 3rd place getters. The judges will now start the judging process and we will post the results shortly. DownUnderGround round 3 – the finals will be taking place on the 28th of November in Melbourne.”

Black Friday Jam & Welcome Back Jam – Nov 27th / Dec19th


Hiro Tsuchida got in contact with news of two jams coming up soon in Chicago. Winter is here, if you are in the Chicago area or fancy a trip you have time to plan your trip to the windy city. Two jams going on, Black Friday November 27th 1pm till 10pm, and the Morgan Peckosh Welcome Back jam on December 19th also 1pm to 10pm. All address and contact details are on the flyer!

Battle in the Rockies – Day 2


Yesterday was my first full day in the US, this year we are around an hour away from where the contest is at in Denver at James Mcgraw’s house in Monument, Colorado.
The first part of the day was taken up with airport pick ups, Michael Sommer, Moto Sasaki and Martti Kuoppa all arrived, during the evening we headed for a fun session at James’ Tintadome riding spot which his workplace during the day, riding spot during the night. My body clock was screaming bedtime, so I decided to take the time to shoot some photographs.



If you are following flatmatters on instagram, you will have also seen the distraction training video with James McGraw taking out Joe Cicman with a roll of paper towel, myself, Moto, Michael and Moto were all adjusting to the time change so it was pretty chilled and a good time hanging out and joking with all the riders, check out the photos I shot.
Thanks to Joel Schallhorn for the use of his camera. Today we had to Evolve skatepark in Denver for jam day. Check out a selection of photos I shot below that I feel some up the day quite well! Once again like last year, the vibe is great between the riders, looking forward to riding today! Stay tuned for more updates on FM!




Level Vibes Format & Schedule announced!


MR Level Vibes himself, James White just announced the format and schedule for this legendary event that will go down in Crayford, Kent on November 22nd. Great to see the man himself put his own twist on his event! See you there!

Schedule & judging formats

12:00 open practice on both areas

13:00 Old School class
1 1/2 minute run. Anything goes from the old/mid days. Will be judged on presentation, style, execution and entertainment value!!

13:30 Beginner Class
Peg wheelies and endos is the sort of level I expect in this class. If you’ve gotta trick come and try and do it. 1 Minute run (you don’t have to use it all)

14:00 Expert class
2 min run. If you’ve got an array of tricks this is the class for you! Judged by 5 professional judges .


Professional contest:
15:00 Progressive Battle Jam
16:00 Contest runs
The only contest to separate the men from boys combining the two elements of flatland in one.
You get 50% of your overall score in the Jam with the focus on difficulty and progression. Then a 2 minute run with the focus on consistency for the rest of your points. Simple!
Both will judged by five trusted judges. The battle jam will be a one in one out jam circle in no order. You will be judged on how you ride throughout the Jam not necessarily just your best trick. No complicated judging format just try your hardest and must progressive stuff to get the highest mark you can. The 2 minute run will be traditionally judged with all the elements but focussing on consistency.
17:30 prize giving and close.

James White.


Georgia State Flatland Championship – December 5th


For the fifth straight year there will be a Georgia State Flatland Championship.

Past years events have had arrests, trains, rain delays, classic car shows, chickens, sunsets, BMX trickery, beer, break ins, BBQs, and general wholesome all around fun.

The 2015 championship will state at noon on December 5, 2015 and is going to be held in Jefferson, GA a short drive away from Athens, GA at a spot we call The Chicken Spot.

For more information go to:

Battle in the Rockies – November 5-7th


The annual Battle in the Rockies contest is just around the corner, new location this year with a better floor. With heavy hitters like last years winner Jean William Prevost, Martti Kuoppa and Moto Sasaki in attendance it promises to be wild, 8K up for grabs too!

Follow the fb page for regular updates leading up to the event.

Valencia Flatland Jam Weekend – 8/11th October


Morgan Peckosh and friends are organising a long weekend flatland jam in Valencia from the 8th through till the 11th October. Bands in a bike shop, showing Moya´s documentary about Juanje Trujillo Raise the Bar, partying, paella, tattoos, and lots of flatland and street! Anyone that wants to come and ride should get in touch: