Labor Day Flat jam – Palm Harbour FL USA


Are you in the florida area around Labor day weekend (September 7th) or fancy a trip! Labor day flat jam going down in Palm Harbour, Florida!

“A chill, stress-free & grassroots get together of Florida Flatlanders! Everyone of all ages & skill levels are invited! Out of state & foreign riders are more than welcome too :)
We’ll be riding in a covered roller hockey rink from just before noon until 10pm when the park closes.
Brought to you by W.I.S.E. Freestyle & Marley Did It! with free shwag from Profile Racing, MASTER BLASTER PLANET, Decobmx, Flatlandfuel & more TBA.

Music provided Mr. Marley, DJ Blenda & DjFader.

Bring your own Water and Tools, there will be a Food Truck & Hot Dog vendor on site with Vegan friendly options. The Red Bull ladies will also make an appearance to pass out free samples. Dinner meetup after the jam at Gyro King for Refreshing Adult Beverages & more Food. Cheap Motels within proximity if you want to drive back in the morning.

Bring friends & childrens if you like, but please respect the public park and leave no trace :)

25th Anniversary York Jam – September 12th


So much history with the Plywood Hoods and the York jam, the Hoods are celebrating the 25th anniversary although it is technically the 19th edition since a few years were missed. The first York jam went in 1990, get down to the birthplace of modern flatland riding if you can! York, PA is the place to be on September 12th!

Real City Spin – August 29-30th


Jean William Prevost hit me up with an epic photo of the first place trophy for the Pro class for Round 4 of the 2015 World Circuit, that will take place at Real City Spin in Montreal, Quebec Canada on August 29-30th! Like everything Dub does he puts 150% into it, and it shows! Just look at this work of art by Alexandre Jean-Philippe, an ex BMX Flatland Rider now working for Ubisoft did for the event! Look for the interview with the man soon on FM…

Holiday Flatland Contest / Domb Beach Hungary – July 18th


Hungarian flatland legend, Lajos Ifj Sinkó got in contact with news of a big contest he is organising in Hungary on July 18th at Domb Beach, fancy a road trip to Hungary? Read on for all the details!

Dear Riders,
This year, Kecskemét Flatland Crew is preparing a huge surprise for the national flatland community. The well-established and highly anticipated Holiday Cup is under transformation. Our goal is not a secret – to make Flatland BMX even more popular. We want more people to get to know the sport and therefore encouraging young people to try and start this amazing exercise.
The court of the Kertészeti College was a perfect setting for conducting flatland competitions, but fell outside of the periphery of the public. This year, we have re-imagined the event; working together with Kecskemét Jóképű Club we are organizing the competition within the frameworks of a magnificent sports day.The location is going to be the popular Domb Beach, and the date is July 18.

Here you’ll find all you need: BMX, beach, bikini babes, a great festival!

JK! Sports Day info:

Categories: Amateur and Professional.

Ticket: 800HUF

Entry: 1,000 HUF

Starting Time: 1 pm

Court: 10mx15m OSB!

Pro category:

I. 50.000 HUF (170 EUR) + presents
II. 30.000 HUF (100 EUR) + presents
III.20.000 HUF (70 EUR) + presents

Amateur Category:
I. 15.000 HUF (50 EUR) voucher + parts
II. 10.000 HUF (35 EUR) voucher + parts
III. 5.000 HUF (20 EUR) voucher+ parts


Repo: Extreme Barcelona

Repo: Effraim.
Photos: Effraim, Alberto Moya and Ruben Vigil.

When I was at Bike Days in Switzerland one month ago I was invited to also to judge Round 2 of the 2015 World Circuit in Barcelona. BCN is one of my favourite cities in the world, that hold many memories from when I competed in the Euro XGames and so on so it’s pretty much a no brainer for me. The flight from London is also only one hour 45 minutes so it’s nothing at all. And even better it was my girlfriends birthday on the Wednesday, so we stayed a lil’ extra few days and made a holiday out of it after the contest.

Viki Gomez, gliding junkyard on the freshly painted floor before prelims.

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