Alex Jumelin vs Raphael Chiquet Battle – April 29th


I don’t know much about this event, but Alain Massabova over at St Martin HQ gave me a heads up! This Friday at the Oz Club, in St Denis, Paris, Alex Jumelin will battle Raphael Chiquet, the organisers are throwing down prize money and the crowd will judge! If you close to Paris, get down there and enjoy the battle!

Tartiflat Jam 2016 – 4/5th June

First BMX Tartiflat Jam 2015 from Etienne74 on Vimeo.

The annual Tartiflat Jam is happening on the 4/5th June in France near to Geneva, Switzerland between the mountains and lakes. Check last years jam video for some of the highlights, plus you can follow the Facebook page to stay up to date with what’s going on:

Fise World Montpelier Registration Info + Prize Money Breakdown


Alex Jumelin kindly sent in some registration information plus prize money breakdown for the Fise World contest going down in Montpelier 4-8th May.

World Montpellier 2016 BMX Flat

Friday 6 Mai 2016

15h30 – 17h00 Qualification BMX Flat Pro

Saturday 7 Mai 2016

12h15 -13h30 Qualification BMX Flat Amateur

16h00 – 17h00 Qualification BMX Flat Master

Sunday 8 Mai 2016

10h30 – 11h10 Finale BMX Flat Amateur

11h20 – 12h00 Finale BMX Flat Master

13h00 – 14h30 Finale BMX Flat Pro

Registration fees:

Amateur and master : 30 Euros

Pros : 50 euros

Pre registration is way better and you can use those link :

If you already been at Fise and you don’t remember your code or login you can email here : ;

3 Judges:
Alexis Desolneux
Franck Lucas
Paul Dezeix

Goodies for amateurs and master plus access to riders area on red bull booth .

5 000 euros for pro split as follow :
1 700 €
1 000 €
800 €
300 €
300 €
300 €
100 €
100 €
100 €
100 €
100 €
100 €

For more info you can email:

European Flatland League is Born!


So much exciting contest news this year already, and here is one more to the list! Viki Gomez explains all:

“I together with Alexandra (GG.M.) have created the EFL (EUROPEAN FLATLAND LEAGUE). That will be an official governing “association/federation” for all flatland competitions held in Europe. Each year, we will determine what European competitions can qualify for being part of the EFL series. This year, we have “BIKE DAYS” in Switzerland, “BMX CGN” in Germany and “UK CHAMPIONSHIPS” in England.

The EFL is created to establish an equal and transparent competion and judging system within Europe. In order to motivate the riders and newcomers of the sport in Europe. This way we can have a clear competiton ranking between the European riders, as well as giving chances for young European riders to have the chance of being highly ranked within Europe.”

More details on formats, judging criteria, etc to follow:

Social media:


instagram: (@europeanflatlandleague)

Soulcycle BMX Championships – April 29th


Exciting contest news from Holland! Dez Maarsen and Sietse van Berkel will organise a big flatland contest at the same area as Flatground. Official Press Release below:

“From the 29th of April till the first of May Amsterdam is the place to be in the Netherlands for everybody who loves BMX. During this weekend Soulcycle BMX shop is the host of the one and only ‘Soulcycle BMX Championships’. On some of the most famous Amsterdam hotspots BMX dirt, street, park and flatland action will take place.
“Amsterdam got loads of BMXers and some great BMX history was made over here. It’s time to write some history again” Says Koen de Groot, owner of Soulcycle BMX shop and organizer of the ‘Soulcycle BMX Championships‘.
The kick-off of the Championships is on Friday the 29th of April with a big flatland contest at the Westergas area. Years ago Soulcycle organized the Flatground BMX series at this venue. Which made this a memorable place for the international flatland scene worldwide. The contest starts at 14h.
For the parkriders there is a big contest on the Friday! Only a few blocks away from the Westergas area, at the Marnixbowl. Extended with some fresh new obstacles park riders can show their best moves and transfers.
When the hangover is gone it’s time for some dirt on Saturday. At the city beach from club ‘Roest’ the riders can chill and ride as much dirt as they want. Good vibes compared to the well knows Rock ‘n Roll beach jam, Roest is also the place where the crowd and the riders can party until the sun comes up.
And when that sun is up, it’s called Sunday. The last day of the ‘Soulcycle BMX Championships’ all riders get together at the Museumplein for the street contest. On an unique course all the riders can show their best street skills.
There is over €6.000 of prizemoney. So make sure you register as soon as possible by sending an email to For more info check The contest is free to participate and free for spectators.
The ‘Soulcycle BMX Championships’ are part of the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam. During this week Amsterdam got loads of demo’s, contests and workshops in different disciplines.”

Fise World Tour 2016


Matthias Dandois dropped in an email with some great contest news, the 2016 Fise World Tour will include flatland this year at all stops! Here’s what he had to say:

“I was the FISE press conference this morning and they announced some great news!!
BMX Flat will be officially a part of the World Series, including stops in Montpellier 04-08 May, 03-05 Sept in Denver and 16-18 Sept in Edmonton. With a global ranking at the end of the series. It’s great for Flat mainstream exposure since the finals of each event will be live on TV.
It’s gonna be so much fun!!
More news soon!”