UK Flatland Championships – 18/19th March



Round 1 of the UK Flatland Championships is just a few weeks away, £1000 prize money up for grabs at Event City in Manchester on the 18/19th March. Matti let me know that the floor is perfect to ride, nice and fast so it is sure to be a great event. Check out the updated flyer with sponsor updates etc.

Downunderground Video Round 2017


I love what the Australian flatland community do for their scene with the Down UnderGround series. The 2017 DUG series is kicking off with a video round, submit your 1-2 mins video unedited, entries close 30th April 2017. Beginner, expert, open divisions. open to all BMX riders in Australia. Stay up to date over on the Flatland Australia site, link below:

UK Flatland Championships – Wheels & Finns 8-10 September


Last year the Wheels and Finns was a great addition to the UK contest calendar, with riders overseas making the trip also (Dominik Nekolny and Alex Jumelin). This year we are back in beautiful Joss Bay, Kent with practise scheduled for Friday, Experts on Saturday and Pro on Sunday. £1000 up for grabs, plenty of time to plan your trip. Hope to see you there!

Veres BMX Flatland Jam – 11th March


Rob Alton dropped me a message to let me know of an awesome new project/jam he is working on. Great intentions for the future of flatland in Hungary, get there and support the cause if you can! Here’s what Rob had to say:

“Basically my wife and I are starting our own business by opening a sports room. In this room we will be hosting Acrobatic Gymnastics, BMX Flatland, Skipping and Circus skills workshops. However this is just a few of many ideas we have. We will also be renting the space out to people who want to hold any kind of classes. The location is “Sport Zone” in Veresegyház Hungary and the room is 135 m2, I guess about the size of a contest floor.

My aim is to open a BMX Flatland club so that riders have an indoor spot to ride all year round especially in the winter! I will also try my best to get local kids in and start some workshops at beginner level. The Jam is to help raise the money we need to lay an OSB board floor so the there are is an entry fee for riders and spectators, all the info is in the Event info on Facebook. Right now the floor is tiled and for the Jam mixture of tile and Monster!

It’s an open invitation for all riders but of course travel will be at their cost. If someone does want to come they should contact me and I can try to help with accommodation. I will also open the room on the following day if riders who attend the Jam and want to ride on the Sunday too.

I already have some local business for sponsors helping plus Flatland Fuel, Four Pegs BMX Flatland Shop and Scitec Nutrition are already in! I’m still searching sponsors and it looking pretty good.”

Stay up to date with the jam via the FB page: