Lookback: January 2015 – The Flatmatters 2015 Year End Awards

Voting has opened for the Flatmattersonline 2015 Year End Awards, last year I went through the Must Watch edits from the year to help remind people before they voted. Many of you of course have already voted judging my email inbox. Nevertheless,this year I thought it would be pretty cool to add in some of my personal favourites from each month leading up the nominees announcement on Monday January 5th.

The 1st of January 2015 started with a banger, and already a Must Watch edit that dropped late last night! 2014 was an amazing year for Dub, check out this Great new edit from the man himself, the stand out for me is the incredible first combo and especially the opposite forward rope-a-roni step over into his signature Forklift combo around the 00:20 mark, flowing side to side with so much style that we now come to expect from one of the worlds best flatlanders! Can anyone ride the back wheel like Dub?! Phew what a start to the year.

On January 13th something awesome happened from opposites sides of the globe, two amazing riders had similar ideas. I don’t recall ever sharing two must watch videos together like this, Dominik Nekolny from Czech Republic and Pete Olsen from Canada, the common theme between the two is the Xft Hang ten and the concept of pivoting said trick that takes on two different styles, but equally originally and sky high in the difficulty department.

Judging by the 2014 Year End awards voting, Quentin Pelorson made a big impression on many of you last year and for good reason! Quentin is so good, do not miss this new edit! Standouts on the first watch for me were the backwards spinning version of Adam Kun’s signature no handed spinning lawn at 00:30, xft peg wheelie jump to xft spinning pedal time at 00:48, actually everything he does is a stand out, thats why this is a Must Watch!

2015 has begun with crazy edits already, don’t miss this new edit from Gonzalo “Pola” Bellanti based around the Whiplash. Gonzalo drops some great variations like bar flip whiplash at 1:01, double one handed turbine whiplash at 2:27 plus all types of jump lash variations. I’m hitting the rewind!

On December 28th 2014, the annual Matsudo Year End Jam took place at Matsudo,Hall 21 of Forest in Chiba, Japan. As we come to expect and love from japan, there is a whole mix of generations in this fun edit from Jimalog! Look out for Kazuya Hirayama who drops some crazy forward and regular death truck lines at 6:24 and 9:23, and that last line from Akihiko Takahashi is super nice! Don’t miss this, plenty of good stuff from some unknown shredders and household names Takahiro Ikeda and Shuichi Osada and many more. Always look forward to the Matsudo jam edit at the start of each year!

2015 was a good year for Naoto Tamaru! I had been waiting on this new Life Of Abu Dhabi from back wheel shredder, Naoto Tamaru! And it does not disappoint, look out for the bikeflip xft cream combo at 2:38, and the final banger at 4:33! If Naoto can throw down this kind of quality in a contest, he will be a big threat this year! (and so it proved…)

Waldemar Fatkin is without a doubt one of the most stylish flatlanders on the planet, you are never sure if he is off the bike or fully in control. You definitely don’t want to miss this Winter session Part 1, the last two whiplash lines that start around 1:54 had me hitting the rewind! Good vibes!

John Yull got the last part on Dane Beardsley’s Same Thing Daily 3 DVD which has and is premiering across the globe as I posted yesterday! The Empire BMX premiere went down yesterday in Austin Texas, John just posted this amazing Triple Brakeless Decade clip, the technique tyre to tyre is incredible, his part has a whole lot more and indeed the whole dvd is! What a great year for John!

The One Love Jam edits keep flowing, and why not?! So much great riding went down at Newport Beach. Tim Knoll put together this great edit featuring Tim Knoll, Joe Cicman, Gabe Weed, Pete Brandt, Sean Fontenot, Alex Jumelin, Lalo Jiminez, Todd Carter, Robert Castillo, Bobby Carter, Pedro Melo, Martin Aparijo, Little Dylan, Pat Fisher, Masashi Itani, Ahmed Johnson,and Jesse Puente! Check how many views on this edit, Tim Knoll certainly gets an audience!

Always a treat to watch fresh Trevor Meyer footage, and the main him himself holds it down outside his house like only he can. Trademark Meyer style and trick repetoire that only a few are blessed with.

Shintaro Misawa was an absolute monster in 2014, The Readers vote for most progressive rider of the year in the 2014 Flatmatters year end awards Shintaro Misawa is back with yet another edit (and which turned out to be one of his only edits sadly this year! This time, different bike set up (he seems to do that a lot) and all back wheel. The concepts are mostly based around variations on two footed backyard, and like you’d expect. Tons of variations utilising both sides of the bike and in total control! This is a good watch!

What a year for this man! Giannis Caternellis is back with yet another amazing edit that mixes various different genres with his own creative ideas. You can see anything from upside down megaspin on the seat, Chinese ejector boomerang to bar flip cliff, and much more! 8-9 edits in January, are you kidding??

I’d been waiting on this Part 3 edit in the series of Mateus Beckmann “My style” edits. And as you’d expect, Mateus delivers a ton of new creative hammers with a loose concept based around the whopper, so many original combos I haven’t seen before, the multiple 180 manual g turns to whopper pedal to pedal is incredible at 3:29, not to mention the one handed kick flip hitch at 3:42 and the ender! You definitely don’t want to miss this! Thats a wrap on January 2015, what a great start to the year it was!


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