Must Watch! Charles Paty – Focus

To coincide with the launch of the new SoulBMX website, filmer Vincent De La Rue teamed up with style cat Charles Paty to bring this beautifully crafted production that combines hard unique flatland lines with thoughtful camerawork and editing. This is the kind of edit you show to people as an example of what flatland is and how it can be portrayed.

10 thoughts on “Must Watch! Charles Paty – Focus

  1. This video is sooooo crazy, I had never seen such a madness!!!
    The tricks are so good and the editing is just blowing my mind
    Bravo to both of you!!!
    Charles impatient de te voir a opéra 1 de ces 4 😉

  2. New favorite edit! I love these short banger combos. Added with the great film/editing! More flat videos should be exciting like this!

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