Must Watch! HeadRush – Terry Adams Promo 2013

HeadRush – Terry Adams Promo 2013 from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo.

Best friend Mickey Gaidos and Terry Adams team up to bring his great promo project in which Terry drops a few new moves and shares his thoughts on riding “I use my brakes because I want to, I scuff the tyre because I want to. I do the tricks that make me happy”. I’m a big fan of edits that mix riding and narrative. Hit play and watch this one!

19 thoughts on “Must Watch! HeadRush – Terry Adams Promo 2013

  1. Love the narration on this. Mickey’s production work is incredibly clean and professional, and the fact that he’s Terry’s long time friend and a fellow rider, make this even better.

    In the pursuit of being a top rider, it’s easy to lose sight and focus on having fun with your riding, so this is a motivating reminder. Wish I could ride after watching this, but the sub-zero temperatures and 6″ of snow in the forecast surely don’t help.

  2. That was amazing. Seemed like each combo was totally fresh, not only for Terry but for flatland! Amazing edit, beautiful background, so much Style! Thanks for this!

  3. Just a fantastic piece of riding and film making. A great example of professionalism at every step and an even better example of the difference between an edit and a proper film. Story telling makes all the difference. Cheers to this, made my day.

  4. awesome video. some nice tweaks to some of terry’s signature moves. really well made,filmed and music matched it perfectly. rad!!

  5. Awesome edit and I liked your words too. I like that flatland means freedom to you to do what you want, and that if you like a trick and want to do it, it doesn’t really matter how old it is. However, I would have liked to have heard something about creativity/progression too. You are a very creative rider (some of your moves are some of the most memorable tricks to come out in the last decade or earlier) and this video itself is evidence of that creative progression. I really think that creativity is the lifeblood of the sport/artform and pushing against one’s boundaries and into new territory is part of what makes flatland so great. You may or may not agree with me on this point but I would have really liked to hear something about that too. To me, it is one of the things that makes flatland great on its own, independently of what any one single flatlander thinks of or does with his or her riding. Know what I mean? Nonetheless, great work!

  6. Right on Terry! The feeling is mutual! That’s what flatland is all about! Do your own thing and do it because you love it. Best edit I’ve seen in a long, long time because it captures the true vibe of flatland in a way none other has.

  7. That kickflip hiker jump to back pegs was madness. Stalled out then scuffed backwards… Madness!!!

    Scott’s combo was awesome too.

    Edit of the year maybe?

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