Must Watch – James McGraw / 2018 Year End

2018 Year End from James McGraw on Vimeo.

I feel like I am giving these Must Watch’s out on the daily at the moment, but James McGraw deserves it more than most. For James to hold back from posting on Instagram is almost an impossible task, I can picture him stressing about not showing it online at his home in Monument, Colorado. At the age of 48, James is a big inspiration to me personally. He has kids, his wife, Laura, runs his own business, phone always going non stop, yet he still finds the time and focus to ride and his energy more importantly is contagious.

This video is James’ quest for several variations that he has been chasing for a long time, one trick took him almost two years. However old you are watching this, will you have this energy at 48? If you already do, more power to you and you should share it. You may inspire more people other than just myself, congratulations on the Must Watch James and thanks again for all you do for flatland.

10 thoughts on “Must Watch – James McGraw / 2018 Year End

  1. F-kn RAD , James !! MUST WATCH , well deserved / earned . Your PEDAL time machine spin / pivot , kick , turbine … step over to pedals time machine , that last MENTAL combo of your signatures, were SO dope , bruv ! So glad you got dat MUST WATCH tag . Im gonna be watching this on repeat after work , campeon ! Cant believe just how MUCH you progress your riding on the DAILY with your hectic day to day !! COLORADICAL , indeed .

  2. Before reading the comments on James’s ‘enthusiasm’, that’s exactly what I thought, 1 word amongst a number of words. He reminds me of my teens. And that’s just 1 more thing about flat that we derive from it, the fun, excitement etc etc etc!

  3. That was awesome, serious stoke! I love the energy and props for progressing at such a high level. I know how challenging it is to ride regularly while having a family and owning your own business!

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