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Friday 13th September 2019 shall go down as a memorable day, today I woke up with anticipation for James White’s new edit “Eye of the Tiger”. After the Rocky hype videos all week, I was thinking yesterday, this is a dangerous game he’s playing here, then I thought stop it Effraim. This is James’, this has to be amazing it’s Whitey and he wouldn’t hype like this otherwise.

7am comes around and I didn’t have to wait long, James has already posted, and boy does this not disappoint.

Time and time again I say this, but James does really have that Midas touch and this edit feels once again like I am watching a Dorkin’ part for the first time.
There’s a lot to take in, during this 4 minute plus part, but a couple of things stood out to me right away. Number one, and most importantly it’s evident and refreshing to see James is having fun, cliche as it is to say. That is what it’s all about and love the way James reinvents himself every year, secondly the camera work. I am not sure what he has going on, but a moving camera whilst it appears it’s only James at the spot. I want to know more!

Thirdly, and the crucial ingredient, the riding. There are a couple of lines here that are game changers. James gets widely copied over the years, and I am pretty much you will see it once again after this edit gets widely shared across social media.

00:21: Flip, tyre grab ice cream, bike flip out (that flip out is tasty!) and what I love here is James shows a variety of concepts around that idea again at 1:07 with a half lash in and gerator body varial out and at 1:32 to James’ smith decade variation out!

2:13: Without a doubt my favourite line of the edit, here he takes an existing Whiteski line and makes it new with the concept of holding the head tube only and the execution gets no better.

At 2:57, there’s a similar idea but switches to opposite ice cream and pivot backwards switch foot dump out. There’s way more we can highlight, let the comments roll as I am sure they will.

Absolutely amazing, like a fine wine. James just gets better and better, need some motivation? This is it right here, a banging Must Watch, top marks Whiteski!

25 thoughts on “Must Watch – James White / Eye of the Tiger

    • @Rich – James is the first guy I saw do that no handed rope like that two footed locked in on the pedal. King of Concrete 95-96 possibly, so rad still coming up with new things with it in 2019. Freestyle.

      • There’s so many tricks ever invented and executed, you’d need to be Rodney to see them all. Also, I love tricks that can look different when different people do them. There’s a lot of tricks that are very hard to “own”.

  1. Was not ready for THIS…… all ! My mind is blown …AGAIN with James riding . As Big- E stated…….RE-INVENTS himself EVERY year ! Im not even halfway through this edit and I just had to say a few things about it . As effraim stated , line number two……..SO mental , technical , and flowed like water . James , his kickless / scuffless moves , techniques really have propelled his progression , creativity to the moon ! Definitely watching this LOADS more , later . The track ……rad tune , aaaaannnnnd it was actually written by a bmxer , Michael Bratten , his cousin ! No joke at all , haha. Mike was the first bmxer to learn back flips over a box jump , here in San Antonio T.X. , learned em on a holiday @ Woodward East , back in Fall of 2002 . He will be stoked when I message him about this song choice , haha. James , his signature lines ARE like watching a Dorkin In York bmx video . N.B.D. moves that push the envelope of what can be done / created on a bike …….that TOTALLY take the sport in yet ANOTHER direction progression wise !! Superb riding , TIMES 7 , Whiteski …….now…….BACK to watching this / taking it all in !

  2. Unreal James,you probably thought of all this changing your bar ends all day in the hotel in Cologne whilst we were out trying to ride ha man this is making me go to the dojo for 45 minutes today which I really haven’t the time for so….thanks man❤️

  3. I knew something was in the works when James began posting mostly throwback clips. But i didn’t expect this. Incredibly well done James! Loved it. The fluid motion of the shots helped to communicate how sick these switches are. So stoked on this.

    • Totally. Trey is a friend of mine and I completely agree they have a similar vibe to their riding approach. I’ve said for years if Trey spent like 6 months really riding flat he would blow minds fast.

  4. This is great riding & truly original. And once again your enthusiasm Effraim shines through,especially after saying it felt like you were watching Dorkin for the first time. Original riding always inspires me to think of new combos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. After watching this twice James, and seeing you do the roll back thingy, reminds me in my teens, doing a 180 skid. Basically, I’m saying it makes me feel young, well almost lol.. It evokes memories of also skidding through leaves in my youth & this keeps me young.

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