Must Watch! Matthias Dandois – La Cremerie BMX – Welcome to the pro team

La Cremerie is proud to have Matthias Dandois as a new team member for 2014!
The shop was Matthias first sponsor when he started his professional career, and we remained great friends with him until today. It’s so amazing to have him back on the pro team!
This video was filmed by his best friends all over the world (Japan, France, USA) as an official welcome to the team edit! We hope you like it!
We will have a lot of project going on with Matthias this year! We will let you know soon!

Follow Matthias on Twitter and Instagram: @Matthiasdandois

33 thoughts on “Must Watch! Matthias Dandois – La Cremerie BMX – Welcome to the pro team

  1. When he first started his street / flat riding style I didn’t really like it to much.. But I have to say it really developed in to something that’s nice to watch..

  2. Ive been waiting so long to see this!!! its feels like it was a young Matthias, banger after banger after banger with so much style and flow!!! so happy to see this. congrats Matthias you’ve inspired many flatlanders “again”

    • So much to take in! Amazing bike control, the combos at 00:50, 2:32 and 3:19!! Did anyone else notice the insane angle the bike is at on the teakettle halfhiker switch on the combo that starts at 3:19, the bar touching on floor is so crazy and in control! Great for flatland that Matthias is pushing again!

  3. Yes E. Maybe he did try your request on instagram slam. 😉 were indeed very stoked to see this comming in. And I also saw in the intro of the vid that he’s trying to pull insane stuffs like the backyard glide jump halfwhip to switch footglide. Totally impressive. I hope it stays this way that he is still moving forward on his flatland skills while developing his street stuffs.

  4. Read the comments 1st, then peeped game… HOLY SHITBALLS! Can any1 remember when the best street riders were flatlanders? I hate on Matthias for not representing a brand that cares about flat, but he really does look like the ultimate evolution! Much ReSPECT! Haro sucks, how long until they make cutbacks? Brett Downs rules too!

  5. that how a champion should ride! very nice! and indeed, ive been waiting for something like this from him!!!


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