Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnécuelle / Riding Waste


Isn’t the saying “Another man’s waste is another man’s treasure”, well god damn my mind is blown this evening with this footage of Matthieu Bonnécuelle shot in 2015/16. Matthieu in my mind is like a mysterious figure we don’t see a lot of, but when we do it is a treat for us all.

And such is the case here, second clip in at the 00:17 mark – backwards facing messiah no handed double backwards facing whiplash to backwards facing messiah. I screamed loud at my laptop, the bike control on this clip is out of this world and it continues there are so many surprises in this edit.

00:39 and a steam bikeflip to backwards ice cream! Hit the rewind, wow! I love how I have no idea what’s coming next, exciting!

1:00 – I think this might be my favourite clip of the edit, backwards facing whiplash to body varial jump rideout!

Pretty much everything Matthieu does is a highlight to be honest, let’s talk about this one in the comments section. I am going back to watch this one again.

23 thoughts on “Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnécuelle / Riding Waste

  1. Original links. Fresh. I never hit the rewind button so often for awhile except for this clip.
    Perhaps this raw video will be the best edit for 2018.
    It’s really mind-blowing footage.

  2. Brilliant! Odd that this footage is just released now? The Ice cream trick threw me off, he did it while the back wheel was off the ground in the steam roller! Impressive.

  3. I’ve been background obsessed with his riding since his Raw 10 edit a few years back. Between him and Pete Olsen, Heresy kinda owns flatland progression at the moment. I could watch those guys and the Melo Brothers all day, flatland creativity on crack.

  4. Ok so I just read all these clips are from 2015-2016….wonder what he’s filming now that he will drop on us in two years.

  5. I thought the rider I saw doing multiple forward w’lashes w’out his hands on the bars, was damn hard, which it is,but this is incredible. Well done Matthieu!

  6. I love this edit. Just pure raw snippets from what are clearly a lot of different sessions. No music, no editing, just pure creativeness on a BMX!

    Funny to hear that these are all clips from 2016/2017 as well..

  7. There are certain edits that I have to watch several times , just to really take in/ study the riding . Some riders are very , very creative , with such outside the box techniques . This cat is one of em …..TIMES 7 ! I immediately recorded this on my flip phone , hahaha. Yup , still rocking one in 2018 , haha. Ive been watching this for a couple days now , before / after work , and bruv ……..THIS rules ! 2015-16 ?! Would be scary to see just what hes up to on his bike……..Like , today , haha. The fact that he hop 3ed , DIRECTLY to fakie ……..I mean , just think about that , a small , but very significant , hard, subtle detail to doing a hop 3 , and of course , his steam bike dump / flip to ice cream…….STOKED Lachlan caught THAT , his rear wheel being OFF the ground , BEFORE jumping / dumping the bike ! Thought I was the only one who analyzes the details of a line to that extent . Cheers , Lachlan ! Yup , this edit is bonkers WILD , a MUST WATCH , I bet a nomination for E.O.T.Y. for this site !!

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