Must Watch! Michaël Husser – Heresy Away

HERESY – AWAY from Michaël Husser on Vimeo.

The Heresy crew do it again! This new edit featuring Michaël Husser hits a different chord than the norm. Beautifully shot, the lighting, the location in Nouméa – New-Caledonia, and Michaël’s riding is incredible to watch! The standout riding wise, 4:09 the double carved around the bars whiplashes!! About to hit rewind and watch this again before I go riding!

9 thoughts on “Must Watch! Michaël Husser – Heresy Away

  1. Really well edited. Loved the ambient vibe. Great riding too, the double hoola-hoop whiplash was awesome!

    One question: when will Heresy products be available in the U.S./Canada?

  2. Brandon, I wonder the same thing. I love these videos and the riding is so excellent…….but why not have a functioning website or details about the brand or products?

  3. Thanks for all the words.
    Brandon, Rick, about the spec of the products, for the moment everything is on BMX FORCE SHOP website (what a good shop 🙂

    Heresy is still a new project, so everything takes time.
    About the US/Canada distribution, Alexis will know better than me,
    but i told him about your tshirt/hoody 🙂 Thanks for your support man!
    We appreciate!

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