Must Watch – Pedro Melo / Nice Nice Very Nice

Now I wouldn’t normally give this video a Must Watch tag as I already gave it for the video premiere of Nice Nice Very Nice. But, this section I am sure will come back to in years to come discussing the groundbreaking moves Pedro does.
Truly Pedro is a man on his own path and doing his thing, the one footed hitch has sat untouched since Martti Kuoppa did it on I believe one of Jason Brown’s videos (RIP). Pedro found a way to hold it longer (1:52), if you have ever tried it you know the difficulty and also the one footed spinning version is jawdropping in difficulty at 1:11 and if thats not enough the ender just hurts my brain and knees watching, how do you learn this backpacker on the knees move?! Pedro is the man, as a culture we should celebrate this section! I feel like a kid watching Dorkin’ again.

What was your favourite line on the section? Let’s discuss this….

27 thoughts on “Must Watch – Pedro Melo / Nice Nice Very Nice

  1. So unbelievable.

    Funny you mentioned dorkin… When I first saw the full Nice Nice vid, I thought about watching Dorkin 4 1/2 a 100,000 – usually in the morning before heading to school, 11 grade. I definitely think Nice Nice will stand on its own for years

    • Wow Jason thanks! The riders from this video are some of the most humble guys I’ve got to know. They may not say it but I’m sure they are really honored by that comment!

  2. He ruled when he was at the urban games early nineties no grips then no grips now he’s simply beyond and out of his mind this is proof

  3. Pedro is on another level, yet when you meet the guy he is so inspiring and brings you along for the ride. He is THE key person that influenced me ride in MOC this year. One of my ideas that was in my entry came from watching this clip in Nice, Nice. I must all of it is amazing but I really liked the bar grinding handstand.

  4. Absolutley nutty!! The one foot juggler blew my mind! I mean, so did everything else!
    Once again the bar has been raised!

  5. Epic video part! Shins will rule the world! That backpacker and hitchhiker was so dope! one footed Hithchiker was out of this world also!

  6. Thank you Effraim for this must watch
    It means a lot to for me and Steven!
    Nothing on this video part is really random, both me and Steven worked hard to create something meaningful!

    This is what I learned when Steven contacted me and few other riders to work on a video project:

    “In the mid-’70s, Ambrosia had a minor hit with “Nice, Nice, Very Nice,” with lyrics adapted from Kurt Vonnegut’s 1963 novel Cat’s Cradle,
    turning a poem into a song seemed like the ultimate jump not just to a new musical style, but to an entirely different art form.

    Just like Steven I was inspired by this,
    That day instead of going to riding like usual before I made sure I read the poem and listened the music a bunch of times, I was on a mission!!! I was gonna create new bridges, not burning them
    We have so much untouched tricks from back in the day to inspire us, we have modern bikes that allow us to see this tricks with new lenses, connect this two and you got yourself a new world off possibilities!

    Thank all of you that took the time to write such nice words on this post

  7. Man………Ive been watching this amazing section over and over in this week , texting multiple riders I know that they HAVE to see this , haha , if they haven’t already , some don’t go online that much ………for me these tricks hit hard like the first time I saw Chase / Paul in that video called , Glote by Ellsworth Watson , aka Ells Bells . It had been a lil bit of a lay over for both of them at that time period , then…………BAM , the video dropped summer 1997, and everyone got their answer just what they were both up to on their bikes ! Epic / innovative stuff just like THIS section ! Damn ……cant believe that friggin KNEE packer / NO handed ……I mean , such a difficult , original , slaaaaammmmed move , not to mention it looks hard on the body ! hiker juggler to switch hand steam / loooonng rolled hiker , AND the hand stand ice cream slide ……all these moves just pushed the art form YEARS ahead TIMES 7 ! This is most definitely gonna be a nomination for edit / video part of the year , for sure . Rad job Jefes= Lapsey / Melo ……..yall two showed the vital significance of still creating full videos in 2019 ,and the impact / shock -stoke factor that they STILL cause in the bmx community after all these years ………….and also how whack I am for still struggling with REGULAR elephant glides to back packers since 1995 , hahahaha , NO excuses after seeing this , hahahaha.

  8. Surfer skid to rake the leaves, now we’re really leaving nothing to chance, in an effort for progression. At least you’re doing your thing.

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