Sneak Peak – Bizhouse “Ratchet” prototype!

Sean White at Bizhouse is always thinking of radical new ideas for products, check this out!
Been talking to Kurt at BMX Union about this one. Heres his theory on it..

“They’re working on either a sprocket or some sort of bottom bracket that works like a ratchet wrench would work. When you pedal forward it engages and allows you to pedal, but when you are not putting forward pedal pressure on it, it allows you to freely roll backwards without pedaling. Similar to how if you are tightening a nut, you wrench and then pull it back to reset and tighten more.
Essentially this allows you to run a freecoaster without having to replace your rear hub.” Potential huge game changer!

I’m going to try and get a few answers out of Sean at Bizhouse about this one, so hopefully we can get some answers here soon.

21 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – Bizhouse “Ratchet” prototype!

  1. I haven’t heard additional details, but the video alone is not enough for me to get excited about. Maybe if it was shown engaging I’d feel differently.

  2. It has to be more than just a freewheel at the crank like a trials bike. The way he’s turning the crank would be letting the wheel freewheel normally. Turning the crank the opposite direction would show backwards freewheeling like a free coaster allows.

    I’m intrigued! Could it be some sort of freecoaster guts in the BB???? I’m anxious to read the interview!

  3. Of course i just watched the vid again and now i’m confused… Haha! If he turned the crank the other way, it should drive the wheel! Ahhh, crazy genius ideas going on!!

  4. As Pete said – sounds like the system they use on trials bikes but not sure it can act like a freecoaster though? Would be cool if you could refine it to be a reliable freecoaster, I hear those systems are super reliable.

    Either way Sean is on it so I know this will be dope if it makes it out, especially as it seems the eclat one won’t.

  5. I think the chain and rear hub cog always moving when the bike is moving is ok for trials application but would cause too much drag while coasting on pegs while holding a more delicate balanced position riding flat. Just my thoughts

  6. Im for it…i had an idea like this years ago except it allowed for a scooter with pedals…remove the drive train from the equation and lose those lbs!

  7. When the backwheel spins, the cranks will not move but chain will always rotate and its dangerous when it eats your pants? In my opinion.

  8. When this stuff comes out I will start riding again. Until then I will not be back on my bike. HAH. Sean, u´re a genius if this one works, if not you´re still a genius.

  9. If you’re still wearing pants baggy enough to actually get caught in the chain wheel , clear plastic chain guards are still the IN thing to have .____.

  10. so basically your chains always rotating and sucking your pants and shoe laces in while stunting on the back, or just cruising the street.

    seems like it would add rolling resistence also.

    sun-tours 4ever for me.

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