Battle in the Rockies Day 3

Day 3 of my annual Battle in the Rockies trip, and if there was any day for a chill day this was it. We woke up to snow and freezing temperatures in Monument, Colorado. After a little discussion at breakfast it seemed like the best day to get contest stuff organised ready for the weekend, trophies done, Halloween, etc.

We started the day with a visit to Touch of Shade, James’ business. James was organising the trophies, getting banners ready and even offered to make an FM banner and stickers, so if you are at the event this weekend. Come and see me for some free stickers, stoked! Thank you James!

James has been in the game a long time, so it’s always amazing to check the memorabilia he has displayed around his work place and office. For example, check his previous signature frames above with London Bikes.

After a few hours and lunch at the Tintadome it was time to head back to James’ house and get ready for Halloween and Trick or Treat with his kids. Halloween doesn’t seem so big in the UK, but here it was a huge deal. The snow had stopped so we took the opportunity to dry the flatland slab ready for some outdoor sessions Thursday and Friday when it is supposed to be back into double figures once again. Mates Tucek took the chance to have a ride for an hour or so, whilst myself and James moaned it was too cold to ride for old guys.

Trick or Treat as an experience walking James’ neighbourhood as the kids collected enough Candy to keep them going for a month or so. Never seen anything like it, it was a nice end to a much needed relaxing day. The sun is coming out now as I type this and the Slab is looking good for a session today, can’t wait! Short and sweet today, hope you are all enjoying the updates at home!

3 thoughts on “Battle in the Rockies Day 3

  1. So dope , James signature model frames from London bikes ! That session slab looks to die for ! Id eat 7 whole peaches , I HATE PEACHES , REALLY DO……..Just to have a riding spot like that at my mums crib , hahahaha . Hows your new lines coming Big E that you posted on f.b. ?! Have someone film em next time yall ride , those PEDAL cowboy squeaks , LINKED to Karl , half hiker , etc , I really dig THAT , along with Mates X-LEG side / half packer lines , James KICKLESS stubble duck varials !! This update like the rest , has me stoked ! As you would say Effraim……..AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!

    • After the last video I filmed I was sick for a couple of weeks Rodney. So I wanted to get myself better for the Battle in the Rockies trip, it sucks because that last session I filmed three lines in one session and lost the momentum. Good second session today, I have a long list. You’ll see something when I am happy with what I get. Glad you are enjoying the updates, wish you were out here RW!

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