Outside – JomoPro 2012

There have been a ton of edits from the JomoPro contest! And this might just be the best one yet! Jim at flatstyle excelled himself here, great footage of the likes of Hotoke, Viki Gomez, Jean William Prevost, Jean Francis Boulianne, Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, Jesse Puente, Moto Sasaki, Takahiro Ikeda, James McGraw, and many more jamming outside of the contest time. Really enjoyed this one!

Athens, Georgia crew – Posse Up!

Psyched to wake up to this video this morning! The Athens, Georgia crew throw down an awesome edit for the Posse Up Online contest! Featuring the likes of Dane Beardsley (check his last line!), Jody Temple, Jon Dowker, Andrew Wickham and Andy Cooper.

Jesse Puente – JomoPro Final Runs

Jesse Puente placed 10th at JomoPro. Here are his two final runs.

Matt Wilhelm – JomoPro Final Runs

Matt Wilhelm placed 9th at JomoPro. Here are both his final 2 runs.

Andras Domany – Flatland Budapest

Lil mix of regular filming and Go pro in this new edit from Andras, at the legendary Hiros Square spot in Budapest, Hungary!

Alex Jumelin – JomoPro Final Runs

Alex Jumelin placed 8th at JomoPro. Here are both his final runs.

Keisuke Tanigawa – 10

Beast combo out of one of the most stylish riders on the planet! Yes Keisuke!

Terry Adams – JomoPro Final Runs

Terry Adams placed 7th at the JomoPro. Here are his two final runs.

Takahiro Ikeda – JomoPro Final Runs

Takahiro Ikeda placed 6th at the JomoPro. Here are both his runs.

Pineapple Jam – Ontario Canada

Pineapple jam went down Brantford Ontario,Canada this weekend, hosted by Leon Thompson. Featuring the likes of Lachlan, Prasheel, Shogo, Matt and Aaron Wright, Justin Eastman, Allen box, Addison Moore, Steve & Shaun Lapsley, Rene, Chris Mclean.