Good Vibes Japan 2015

Grombar just dropped this amazing “Good Vibes” edit with plenty of unseen footage outside of the Flatark contest at the infamous Meriken park in Kobe Japan. Great riding from the likes of Benjamin Hudson, John Yull, Kevin Nikulski, Russia, Alexis Desolneux, Paul Chamberlain, Balu, Dez Maarsen, Jeremy Brosset, James McGraw, Jim Cavanaugh, Dustyn Alt,Yu Shoji, Alberto Moya, Mo Rich, Yuichi Ill Tamiya and many more! Good vibes indeed, loved this! Thanks Omar for posting this!

13 thoughts on “Good Vibes Japan 2015

  1. great stuffs, wonderful editing, sick tricks and combos all the way, so nice video, tks very much for doing it and sharing it Mr Lammers!!

  2. Such a rad edit , LOADS of different styles , good vibes ,music, culture, editing, etc !!! LOVED this also BIG E , THANK YOU GROMBAR , after two views of this it stoked me and had me SEZZZED to garage sesh !

    • Wow Rodney,
      Thank you bro, so nice to hear.
      Great to hear that you get stoked and go out for a session after watching my edit!!! Wonderfull shiz man

  3. Wow guys thanks for all the great words.
    Made this edit with love to share the good vibes and memories of our Japan trip. We had a crazy good time traveling around the country, Japan is epic for shure.
    Jim Cavnaugh was actually part of our trip. We traveled with him trough Kobe and Osaka. Jim is such a great guy, we had so much fun with this dude.
    Next year again for shure!!!!! Hope to see you guys out there!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your love Flatbrothers!!

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