Lookback: February 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

February of this year turned out to be quite a month for edits, take look through some of my highlights, I am interested to hear feedback on these lookback features, are they helpful towards voting?

The month started out with a banger, Matthieu Bonnecuelle’s “Welcome to Heresy” edit is finally dropped, self filmed and edited. From the opening backwards fork wheelie to forward steam at 00:19 you know you going to watch something a little bit special, and it continues with so many incredible original moves, two footed front yard on the forks half whip out at 00:51, the Backwards 5 on frame at 1:16 is hard to see with the sunlight but incredible balance nevertheless, from 1:48 the Binary codes kick in and everything gets a lil’ bit crazy. The no handed double whiplash at 2:17 is like the holy grail of impossible flatland tricks, now done, recorded. At 20 years old, this kids future is so bright!

To coincide with the launch of the new SoulBMX website, filmer Vincent De La Rue teamed up with style cat Charles Paty to bring this beautifully crafted production that combines hard unique flatland lines with thoughtful camerawork and editing. This is the kind of edit you show to people as an example of what flatland is and how it can be portrayed.

Great camerawork, editing and attention to detail in this new edit from Hiroki “TangMeng” Iwata! The x-handed pivot line at 00:38 is so good! Make sure you don’t miss this one!

Simon O’Brien is working hard on a full video part for Stewart Munro’s up and coming video, but still has a vast trick bag to drop an amazing edit in the meantime! I already hit the rewind button several times trying to fully understand what happened, especially the first two combos, and the nose manual boomerang half packer line at 1;12 is so direct and just beautifully composed using the brake to make the bike do what he wants like that is next level, not to mention the last line! It is great for flatland Simon is back on it filming regularly! Much respect!

On February 16th I published Dez Maarsen’s winning ride from the ABC of Flatland contest in Normandie, France. Pretty much the first big contest of the year.

Takahiro Ito, Takuya Higa, Karino Masatoshi, Yuki Ito, meet up with Taiko Kaneta for a session in Sendai City for the first time in two years. Everyone has a unique riding style and kills it, this is such a good watch! Props to yukipkoproject for putting this one together!

It is always an absolute treat to see footage of Pete Olsen, from the opening opposite multiple xft whiplashes you’ll be amazed at this man’s rolling skills! The last two combos from the 00:26 have had me hitting the rewind several times to understand what he did. This whets the appetite somewhat doesn’t it?! I cannot wait for the main edit!

From my teenage years growing up riding for Hutch, I always looked up to fellow team mate John Yull. John would bring new tricks to every contest, whether it was a lil’ twist on a trick or something totally brand new. John always reached outside of the box, today marks a special day in John’s life. To commemorate today, John has released his SameThingDaily3 section which you should all watch and marvel at the man’s creativity and drive. From the age of 14 to 40 not a whole lot has changed, John is still one of my favourite riders. Much respect! John had these words to say:
“One year ago today I was awoken with a phone call from my mum. She had just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. It had spread to her lung and she was told it was terminal. Our family went into shock. We had no idea how long she had to live. I traveled home to England in May to give her as many hugs as she wanted. We did as many fun things as we could squeeze in. I traveled back again in October. She had just been admitted into hospice when I got there. I spent a week with her and left on a Wednesday morning. By far the most devastating thing I’ve ever done – walking away, saying goodbye, knowing I would never see her again. She passed away on that Friday. During this time I was trying to film this part for SameThingDaily3. Sometimes my heart just wasn’t really in it but I was trying to use it as a distraction. Once mum had passed I made the decision to dedicate it to her. With that decision I knew I had to make it something I, and hopefully she, would be proud of. She had seen 90% of it in October and she loved it. I pulled the last trick on 12/14/14 the day before the DVD was going to production. I had spent many hours and sessions trying it. I had pretty much given up. I went for one last session and 15 minutes in I hit it! I still have a feeling I got pushed over on that last decade. Thank you, Dane for giving me this opportunity to pay tribute to my mum. I feel it’s a good way to make something good out of a sad day.”

Skills, skills, skills! Shintaro Misawa as we know can do it all, of the most buttery styles in the game is back with his latest edit, exploring ambidextrous skills front and back wheel, there is even a classic James White line thrown in, hit play for a good watch!

Great battle footage from the final stages of the Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany. Best combo for the final rounds, with everyone throwing flawless combos, well worth a watch! Phew thats a wrap on February, peep the voting details for the FM 2015 year end awards in the link below.


3 thoughts on “Lookback: February 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

  1. Yes very helpfull to see every day updated by the best videos of each month so we got some good videos all together in some links!Thank you,waiting for the rest of the months!

  2. i still think all the weird editing is very unnecessary, it’s frustrating because you don’t fully understand the riding. may be it’s just me but i think that simple is better. Anyway, Mathieu is a beast, and his riding is so good… he is a true creator, doing tricks that no one else except him would have done.. so he deserves a win !! 🙂

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