Must Watch! Dan Margetts Flatmatters Exclusive!

Dan Margetts from Worcester UK, is a name I haven’t heard of in years and maybe you haven’t heard of him at all? Matti Hemmings hooked up with him at the old fire station in Bristol, on Monday after the Battle Vibes contest for a session, and Matti kindly fired out this FM exclusive with Dan! What do you think of Dan’s riding?

15 thoughts on “Must Watch! Dan Margetts Flatmatters Exclusive!

    • Really stoked and surprised as well to see this edit today! Great Dan is still out there riding after not hearing anything for years. Thanks Matti for sharing!

  1. Reggie, the knee on peg is a killer. I tried it ages ago could always roll it just hurt my knee so bad decided to leave it well alone. Id like to see Dan turbine it next 😉

    • Theres still a lot to do within this concept if your kness can take it!! Jesse did some sick stuff! I remember Martti doing his knee steam roller to knee hitch around X games time period, i don’t think he got out of it tho? Martti! 🙂

  2. Pretty cool riding. He’s got one of those rare gifts for those opposite foot switches that I wish I had (walkarounds would be a ton easier). Just played this vid to get amped up – gonna ride from 9pm-10pm in lit gym, stoked!

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