The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / Must Watch edits of May

After a few days off for the Christmas period going through a years worth of edits for the 2nd annual year end Flatmatters awards we are back on it today with the month of May. A few people asked to include contest reminders for best runs/battles as well as honourable mentions to help with voting, so this begins in May.

Short and sweet Junglerider promo right here from the man, Denes Katona! The x-handed brakeless smith to end this. Can’t wait to see what Denes has in store for Same Thing Daily 3!

Dub continues to break new ground with his “Forklift” trick with this absolutely incredible combo to celebrate the release of his Far East Turbo Frame! I’m hitting rewind and giving this the “Must Watch” tag!

Mateus continues to push his own riding level up a few notches, yet another incredible edit right here! Some of the highlights in my eyes were the x-handed turn bucket around 00:58, the following rollback foot jam decade line at 1:09, the halfhiker body varial to circle k half packer at 1:46, and the x-foot half cab steam ender at 5:28! And of course there is so much more! Thank you Mateus! This made my day!

Dominik Nekolny and Viki Gomez went head to head at the Bike Days contest in Switzerland. Martin over at Global flat, was on hand to document this amazing battle, this time Dom came out on top.

A nice treat for you all! You definitely don’t want to miss this hot new edit from Alex Jumelin for his new sponsor Unkut. This edit ticks all the boxes as a modern day pro rider, great production/filming, new tricks (love the Pedal G-Roll line at 2:08, but there’s so much more), lifestyle shots with product placement for the sponsors. Alex continues to push his personal riding at an amazing rate, enjoy this one!

Check out Dane Beardsley’s winning ride in the Pro Class from yesterdays Trans Jam in Raleigh, North Carolina! Dane’s last line at 2:55 is incredible! Thank you to Joe Cicman for filming and helping share this on our channel!

May 31st was a great day for edits! First Shintaro’s incredible free edit, and now Part 2 of the Moto Sasaki series filmed by Jimalog! This is just incredible start to finish, but in particular the spinning circle k step up to spinning karl on the pedal around the 1:45 mark! Wow! Flatland just went up a notch, go ride your bike!

Flatmatters Awards 2014 – hit the link below.

3 thoughts on “The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / Must Watch edits of May

  1. Sorry but Denes’s video is insane!!! He’s like Gandalf/Yoda/Mutant/wtf×10!!!!!!!Watched it,studied it! That rope-roni-fall back smith looking decade!!!!!!mad respect truely amazing!!

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