Terry Adams: ELEMENTS Part 1 / Earth

ELEMENTS Part 1 – Earth Featuring Terry Adams from Modify Content on Vimeo.

Elements, as a series, has the visual directive to break down action to it’s most simple substance. Over four installments professional Terry Adams puts his mastery on display immersed in one of the four classic elements; earth, water, fire, and air. Each element brings with it, it’s own challenges and unique beauty. This is well worth a watch, if you haven’t already!

Moto Sasaki wins Japanese Flatland Championship!

Congratulations to Moto Sasaki taking the win at the Japanese Flatland Championships for the third time in a row, followed by Kio Hayakawa and Hiroya Morizaki. Hiroshi over at 430 came through with a video already for you all to watch! Pro Class starts at 4:55:34…

Must Watch: Matthias Dandois / Off The Grid

I am so late to the party on this one, the title is somewhat ironic to me although I realise it’s a reference to Vans. Matthias Dandois is in the public eye every day, social media posts, public appearances, travelling, the list goes on and on. I often say to Matthias, I have no idea how you cope with all the demands on your life and stay at the top.
This edit is absolutely beautiful, filming, editing, tune, and the multiple backwards spinning steam line at 2:58 is amazing. Give this edit some attention today, and you’ll be stoked for your session.

Few better sights in flatland than MD doing his thing, and representing our culture so well!

Round 1: FlatQueens Results

I just got finished helping judge the FlatQueens online contest, this contest is huge for the future of flatland! Look how many girl riders are entered in this, and the level is going up!

Congratulations to the winners, Leticia Moda from Brazil in Pro, Seima Ito in AM class from Japan, and Ayuna Miyashima winner of the New Gen class, what a future these girls have. Super stoked on this event, more power to Irina Sadovnik and Paula Hesser for hosting this event!!!

Check the Flatqueens instagram, for the videos!!!

Cory Fester: The Hang 5 Podcast

It’s not very often lately, that I drop what I’m doing to dedicate two hours to listening to a podcast.
Cory Fester has always been one of my favourite riders, but also a great human! This is a must listen, Francois Debroux sits down with Cory to talk all things flatland, from calling out Matthias Dandois for a battle at Flatground, travelling, judging contests, working on videoparts, and so much more…

Hit the link below:


Terry Adams vs Varo Hernandez: Never Off The Battle 3rd Place

Both Terry Adams vs Varo Hernandez are both coached by the boss, Martti Kuoppa. And go head to head right here for the third place spot, I think thats proof enough that coaching is worthwhile, and does belong in flatland. Look at Varo alone, he’s different rider now, not to mention TA!