Alexis Desolneux – As The Wheel Turns (Da French Connexion)

Today we have a special treat from the flatland archives, Alexis Desolneux’s first video part, winter 1991-1992, from “As The Wheel Turns” by Ryan and Brent Clawson, 1992. This was a huge video part for me during the early nineties, many of you won’t have seen this so hit play and feel the energy and Alexis’ riding at the time was electric.

Something Neue Podcast with Scott O’Brien & Art Thomason

Hector Garcia sits down over coffee with Flatland Voodoo Jam founder Scott O’Brien and Pro Flatlander Art Thomason with Hoffman Bikes. They chat about the upcoming Voodoo Jam on Aug 17th, BMX history and culture, and simply have a laid back conversation about Art’s work at Nasa, and Scott about the Voodoo Jam. Hit the link below to tune in…

Must Watch – Fülöp Vidakovich / Soul Dynamics 2019

The Hungarian flatland scene has been fairly quiet in recent years after the high standards set by Martin Szilagyi, Adam Ken, David Nagy and Dennis Katona, now there is a new shredder Fülöp Vidakovich that has come to the forefront with his time to shine.

It feels like a minute since a Must Watch edit dropped, and that’s a good thing honestly. We appreciate something that’s taken a bit of work, Fülöp goes hard in this one from the opening clip to the end teaming up with the one and only Sevisual. Some things are meant to be…


00:20: Pedal five foot jam to xft steam off the same foot, and the foot work on the switch at 00:30, love the way Fülöp brings something unique here according to his style!

00:50: No footed dork wheelie, left knee resting on the seat to mega spin to a wild foot jam candy bar move to backyard! (00:59), this one surprised me! The line continues but this part, man….

2:44: Xft pedal 5 no footed whip to xft inside steam, taking a move Dave Freimuth did on Baco years ago and bringing it to flatland and mixing into something new. This is freestyle right here and one of the many things I continue to love about it.

Dimitri Tardif wins King of Concrete

Getting back to some kind of normality after a busy weekend organising the King of Concrete at Southsea Skatepark, along with the UK Vert Series team.
Congratulations to Dimitri Tardif who made the trip from Normandie, France and won the Pro Class with some awesome rocket hang five variations. Jean Michel Chauvel, also like Dimitri came from Normandie also and took first place in a stacked expert class with an amazing run full of originality, and second in the pro class.
In the Under 13’s, Arthur took the win in his first competition with a great run. The weekend was a big success and definitely had the feel of the classic KOC’s, great to see a good turnout particularly in the Am and Under 13’s classes. Full results below, photo galleries to follow in the next few days, I am absolutely shattered. Big thanks to Four Pegs for sponsoring the event!

Pro Flatland.
Dimitri Tardif
Jean Michel Chauvel
Mike P
Johann Chan
Amos Burke

AM Flatland.
Jean Michel Chauvel
Mike P
Carl Boucher
Johann Chan
Matthew Dyer
Piotr Karpinski
Neil Waddington
Tom Lever
Illana Chauvel
James Ovens
Clarke Morris
Dan Smith
James Hall

Under 13’s Flatland.

Logan Van
Jake Crosswell

Matthias Dandois Unclicked Podcast

The Dennis Enarson Unclicked podcast is gaining momentum, and each week I look forward to a new episode. Whilst Matthias was over in San Diego recently, he dropped into the Unclicked Studio with his girlfriend, Constance to discuss his life, travelling, modelling, moving to New York, and a whole lot more. Really enjoyed this one, and I am sure you will do to. Hit the link below…